Monday, February 4, 2013

Richard Armitage is the Reincarnation of Richard III

There is no doubt in my mind that British actor Richard Armitage is the reincarnation of King Richard III.  All of the evidence neatly points to that conclusion.  Look at the above photo of Richard Armitage and the portrait of King Richard.  There is a striking resemblence.  Look at the long noses that both of them have.  Look at the thin almost non existing lips.  Look at the brow shape.  Look at the chin on both men. 

King Richard's remains were found under a car park in Leicester where he perished on August 22, 1485.  Richard Armitage was born in Leicester on August 22nd and named after King Richard.  All coincidences you might say but I think not. 
If you look at this close up of Richard Armitage as John Porter in Strike Back, you will notice that he has a scar on his upper right forehead.  The Richard III remains were found with head wounds.  Coincidence?  I think not.   Also why is Richard Armitage so attracted to making movies that are filled with fighting?  Because subconsciously Richard thinks that he is still fighting the Battle of Bosworth.  Yes, I am joking around on that point but a little humor is good for the soul.  

The Richard III project has been very important to Richard Armitage because it is his story and his life.  


The previous physical embodiment of Richard Armitage as it was found under a car park in Leicester.  


The handsome face of a King. 

Details of the Richard III project can be found HERE

UPDATE:  Of course I do not know any of this for sure for those of you raising your eyebrows up at me on this blog post.  It is an interesting idea.  I know how much this project means to Richard Armitage and for those people who were involved in finding Richard III remains.  Yes, I really do believe in reincarnation.  What I have found is that when a person has a strong pull to a long gone person or place there is usually a reason for it.  


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