Thursday, January 17, 2013

Would You Spend the Night With Richard Armitage?

First, allow me to start off by saying I have not forgotten that on my blog I write about many different things, so for those who became charming "followers" for my home decorating posts, I will take care of you all very soon; I promise.  I have some books and movie reviews to do as well.

Okay, where do I start?  This post was inspired by a poll I took yesterday morning on Gratiana Lovelace's blog.   I know that I am not the only female out here who has a huge crush on Richard Armitage.  Some women seem obsessed with him which to me is over the top.  I read a lot of comments about Richard from other women on other blogs, facebook and Pinterest.  I understand where these women are coming from in a lot of their comments about Richard.  There is no mistaking that Richard is very physically attractive and has major sex appeal.   Anyway, after taking Gratiana's scientific poll, it got me to thinking what I would do if I actually met Richard and after about 24 hours he asked me to spend the night with him for conjugal delights.  Would I do it?

Drum roll please..............   


The answer is er.... NO.  Why you ask?  Well, first of all I would never allow myself to be a "pick up".  I tend to be a bit old fashioned in this area.  I have standards and I am not lowering them for anyone.  If a man wants to spend the night with me he had better do some sincere from the heart courting first.   Secondly, if Richard made that kind of move then he would be no different to me than any other man trying to make a "score".  And quite frankly I think I would be slightly disappointed in him.  I like to think that Richard is different from other men and is similar to Harry Kennedy in The Vicar of Dibley as he once said he is.  I don't need for Richard to be like John Thornton, who we have decided was a virgin over at West of Milton.  Not that there is anything wrong with a man being a virgin.  Although in this day and age it would cause people to raise their eyebrows if a 30 year old man was still a virgin as Mr. Thornton was.  I applaud Mr. Thornton thoughJohn Thornton lived in a different time period and held to his convictions.  Margaret Hale was a very lucky gal.   

Would I sleep with Richard if he was looking at me like this when he asked?   Errr....NO, I am sure that I wouldn't.

What if Richard was looking at me like this when he asked?  NO!...I am much too highly principled

Would this look do the trick?    Yes.......I mean NO!

What if Richard told me that he left this woman for me?  I would say that's nice but I am still not sleeping with you, and I mean it.

 What if Richard came back two weeks later and said my rejection left him distraught and now he is in therapy?  I would probably laugh hysterically and then say..."nice try".

What if Richard said that he tried to forget me with this woman but it didn't work?  I would tell him that he really must have been hard up to date a double agent who killed her boss.

 What if Richard offered to read me a bedtime story?   Now, that he can do, but after the story he would have to go home to his own bed.

Okay, I admit that we don't know anything about Harry Kennedy's past, so we don't know if he would or would not make such a proposition, but I still prefer to think that Richard would be a bit more classy and romantic.


Anonymous said...

Hi Xenia,
Fun post! Thanks for the link back to my post.

I would probably swoon were RA and I to simply shake hands. So, I best ought not to attempt anything more. Ha! The shy and sweet "Harry Standring" combo being my main crushes next to Thornton.

Besides, I'm a slow and tender courtship kind of woman myself--based on my experience with my hubby. Then let passion burst forth! Ha!
Cheers! Grati;->

Anonymous said...

Great post Xenia. :-)

I found your blog after reading Gratiana's today post "Richard Armitage Character as Boyfriend Quiz". ;-)

I don't know if I want to spend a night with Mr Armitage, but I'd love to meet him once and just have a few words with him. ;-)

Collar City Brownstone said...

Hi Gratiana,

I am a slow and tender courtship type of woman too. Not even for Richard would I back track on that as much as I would love to spend time with him in bed....LOL After the slow tender courtship then let the passion burst forth as you say.

Collar City Brownstone said...

AprilsViolet...I LOVE your screen name!!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I would love to meet Richard too and talk for a while. To be quite honest I would probably be too intimidated to spend the night with him. However, I would go for one of his North & South train station kisses.

Anonymous said...

Great post! I love all of the various ways you turn him down and have him coming back to try again. I like you would have to say no. I just wouldn't be able to think so highly of the man if he was asking to hook up after only a day.