Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Beautiful 19th Century Home in Lebanon

Designer May Daouk who grew up in Beirut moved back there ten years ago.  May's beautiful late 19th century home includes Middle Eastern and Western elements.  I love what May Daouk has to say about design:
“Above all, design is not about theory—it doesn’t matter whether pink and green go together. What matters are objects. They’re what give soul to a house. My home is a sanctuary where I’m surrounded by things I like.”

 These stunning arches and columns are a beautiful focus point and room divider.

 I love the extremely high ceilings of all the rooms.

I love the open shelving.  I am not a terribly huge fan of cabinetry unless they have glass doors so that you can see what is inside.

Notice how fabulously tall the windows are in this bathroom.  In the west we tend to install such teeny tiny windows in our bathrooms.  I love huge amounts of natural light coming into my bathrooms.  I love the gold colored crown that tops the window and curtains.  This space is simply awesome and elegant.

You can read the full article clicking HERE.

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