Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lets Make This Happen for Richard Armitage and Denison Entertainment

Okay folks, I admit that I have no shame what so ever when it comes to begging to see Richard Armitage in any production.  I made a post last week about a film short that was done by Darren Denison in 1999 when Richard Armitage was still and unknown actor.  If you missed it you can read it HERE.

All fans of Richard Armitage wants this film short released but there has to be enough demand for it.  It costs a lot of money to dust off a film short from 1999 and release it for public viewing.  The Armitage Army fans needs at least 1000 "likes" on the Denison Entertainment facebook page.  If you haven't already please click on this LINK and "Like" Denison Entertainment.  I am begging you on my hands and knees to do this for Xenia.  I have no way to repay you for this kindness except to say thank you.  If I ever win the lottery I'll send you some money.  Or I can clean your house every week for a month as long you don't have more than four rooms and you don't live beyond 50 miles from me.  

Right now there are only 493 "likes".  If you are reading this then you are obviously on your laptop, desktop PC, Kindle or iPhone.  Please click on the link above and "like" Denison Entertainment.  You don't have to read anything just "Like" the page.   Please have everyone in your family "Like" Denison Entertainment.   If you are at work please ask your co-workers to "Like" it.  Ask your dentist or doctor to take a few minutes before x-raying you to "Like" the page.   

Staged stars talented actors; Jennifer Taylor Lawrence and Richard Armitage.

 Jennifer Taylor Lawrence

You already know who he is since I have blogged about him more than a dozens times.

I would threaten to jump out of a window if you don't "like" the page but I want to live.  Sorry Richard Armitage...but not even for you.  You are not that cute.

A great big Thank you to all of you who are helping me out.

Denison Entertainment Facebook page


Shula Armitage said...

Thanks for the sharing, I love Richard Armitage, such a great actor!

Collar City Brownstone said...

Yes, Richard is one of the BEST!!! Thank you for stopping by.