Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gorgeous Kitchens

I love kitchens that have elements that you don't usually see in most homes.  I love thinking outside of the box when it comes to decorating.  
I never would have thought to hang a huge antique mirror over a stove.  I am not sure how practical this is but I love the look.  It not only accentuates the high ceiling but it makes the room look bigger by reflecting the entire room through the mirror.  

I also love the idea of hanging a huge painting or picture that most people would reserve for a living or family room.

 Notice the pocket door and transom windows. 

 The bright pinkish flooring and blue lace curtains add pizazz.

 I like the simplicity of this mid-century modern kitchen.  The wall of windows brings the outside in.

 The white hood over the stove is very unusual and a great focus point.  

 What ever that thingy hanging from the ceiling is, I like it a lot.

I find this kitchen very warm and cozy.  

 Love the green accents here.

Again, I love the transom windows over the doorway.  Notice the beautiful prints hanging over the refrigerator.   What a lovely touch. 

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