Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Raw Meat Eating Richard Armitage

I was just reading this article below which is an interview that my heartthrob, Richard Armitage, recently did in New York City.  The interview was done in a restaurant over lunch.  Richard was eating steak tartare.  I had no idea what steak tartare is except that it must obviously be steak, but I had no idea how it was made, so I looked it up.


Steak tartare is raw beef with a raw egg yolk on top of it.  I wanted to gag when I saw this picture of what steak tartare looks like....UGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Since I am vegan I would not eat a steak that is cooked much less raw.  This is so unhealthy.   Raw beef can have bacteria in it that can make you very sick.   Richard Armitage and I could not have a more opposite eating habit.  I wonder what one's breath smells like after eating a meal like this.   To each their own, but you could not pay me to eat this...LOL

Picture and article courtesy of Richard Armitage Net.


Tartare de steak et Richard Armitage
I published this blog post on January 2nd, but I decided to do an update considering how many page views this has been getting.  I wonder if it is the word "raw beef" in the title along with Richard Armitage's name that is causing people to read this.  :-) 

 As a vegan, it is HIGHLY unlikely that I will ever taste this dish.  However, I became intrigued by it since so many people love it.  I searched online for the different ways that it is prepared and how it looks afterwards.  According to what I learned about steak tartare, the raw egg on top is optional, but according chefs in France if you want it made correctly, the raw egg is required.  In the above photo the steak tartare also has capers and chopped onions.   This is drool worthy to beef eaters.  If I expect to be respected for being vegan, then I must respect people who enjoy eating meat, even if it is raw.

I wonder how much Richard enjoyed that steak tartar.  I bet that Richard is a hearty eater and enjoyed every last morsel.

Does Richard eat raw beef to help keep those arms built up?   YES, I know that I am being silly here.

Err...moving right along, here are some more photos of the infamous steak tartare dish that Richard and so many others love.

I do not mean to be disrespectful but this looks like beef that was left out too long and turned brown.  Otherwise the presentation is great.

 Great presentation, but I still would not eat it.


The dishes in a few of the photos reminded me of dog food, but I won't say which ones out of respect for the food preparers.

I could not resist Googling vegan steak tartare to see what would come up.  This is the result that I got...

  For the recipe click HERE.    If you make this let me know how it turned out.

Well, this was a bit of silly fun for a change.



Anonymous said...

Steak tartare washed down with Coke is not something you would have paid me to eat before I was vegan :)

collarcitybrownstone said...

I am with you on that one. I was going to mention the two glasses of coke that Richard drank down with the steak tartar but I didn't want my blog post to sound too critical. He also then ordered a double espresso. Everything that he drank was loaded with caffeine...LOL Hubby's diet will change after we are married...LOL Seriously tough, what Richard eats is totally his business, but it is not healthy to have that type of eating habit. I sure hope that he stopped smoking cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine that a vegan wouldn't like it for all kinds of reasons, but steak tartare is delicious! When made correctly, it's at relatively low risk for bacteria contamination because it's made with a very high quality beef, and ground just before serving. Actually much less dangerous than a hamburger that's not cooked all the way through if the meat has been ground earlier. The picture you show has capers on it. Hadn't ever had it that way, but yum!

collarcitybrownstone said...

Servetus, I respect you, so I am going to take your word for it when you say that steak tartare is delicious. :-)

I still wouldn't eat it though.

Anonymous said...

i recently found your blog through a google search and I'm so glad I did! I'm a big Richard Armitage fan too...but I have to admit that I wondered what his breath would smell like after too as I was reading the article.

Keep up all of the good posts! Your blog is fabulous, such a great combination of topics and interests!

collarcitybrownstone said...

Jasmine you have me laughing here...LOL What a funny thing that both of us wondered about Richard's breath after eating steak tartare...LOL Especially if it has a raw egg on top of it, along with capers and onions. I admit that I would still take Richard Armitage with steak tartare breath and all. :-)

Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope that you come by often.

Anonymous said...

I looked up steak tartare as well and was grossed out by the idea of eating raw beef. That picture you found just reaffirms my belief that this is something I have no need to ever try! To each there own, I guess. I hope Mr. A enjoyed it.

collarcitybrownstone said...

Thought of eating raw beef grosses me out too...LOL As you said to each their own and I bet that Mr Armitage enjoyed every morsel.

S.D. said...

I'm a vegan too, and even when I ate meat, which is a long time ago, I never would have eaten Steak Tartare! I think Richard Armitage is an excellent Thorin, talented actor, singer etc, but in one fell swoop, hearing that he eats this stuff, my little infatuation, disappeared forever. lol! Back to my infatuation with the lovely (vegetarian) Christopher Eccleston! ;D

Collar City Brownstone said...

I have to admit that I am a little disappointed that Richard Armitage eats this stuff but it is his free will choice. I hold onto the hope that one day he will decide to take on more healthy eating habits. Whether or not beef is eaten raw it simply is not good for human beings. Everyone has to come to that conclusion on their own and in their own time. I will always be a fan of RA no matter what he eats.

I am familiar with Christopher Eccleston from watching period drama's and he is a good actor. Christopher has quite a following of his own. :-)

Collar City Brownstone said...

Steak tartare is a dish that when prepared with the best and freshest quality beef, is very good. While it isn't at the top of my list of dishes to eat all the time, depending on which restaurant I go to, I'm more than willing to give it a try.

Plus, while a lot of the photographs you have in your post look pretty humongous, steak tartare that I've had at Le Bernardin in Manhattan is just the best - ever - flavor packed in a small dollop topped with caviar. I had to scour the internet to find a photo of its actual size as I don't take pictures of what I eat, but here's what it looks like when served at Le Bernardin restaurant in NYC:

Collar City Brownstone said...

To each his own I guess, but like you guys I can't help but wonder about the breath after such an "aromatic" meal.. You mentioned smoking, he used to smoke, but quit after "North and South" Can you imagine cigarette breath on top, oh my......

Collar City Brownstone said...

Oh that is so funny Barbara...LOL Cigarettes on top of eating steak tartare....eeeww. Another hideous smell is when a person has a cigarette and cup of black coffee. Now that will knock you out too.