Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sarah la Kali & Black Madonna Artwork

 Saint Sarah Collage

I love paintings and statues of Sarah la Kali and the Black Madonna.   Saint Sarah (Sara) is especially near and dear to my heart.  Legend says that Sara who is from Egypt arrived in France one night with Mary Magdalene, Mary Jacobe, and Mary Salome.  The boat was seen calmly floating out of a storm towards the shore of what is now called Saintes-Marie-de-la Mer.   Many people now believe that Sara was actually the daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdelene.  Many people today, including many Christians believe that Jesus was actually married.  This belief carries a lot of implications.   For starters, if Jesus was married then it was covered.  If Jesus was married why would anyone want to cover that up?  Secondly, if Jesus was married and had a child it would mean that there is a bloodline that descends from Emanuel Jesus the Christ.  This is the kind of stuff that makes great fiction writing, but in this instance there are very strong clues that cannot dispel this very real possibility.      

While Sarah was in France she performed many miracles of healing.   The people of France grew to love Sarah dearly and she was venerated and declared a Saint.  Sarah is not recognized by the Catholic church though.  

A statue of Saint Sarah resides in the crypt of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer church in France.

Saint Sarah's Feast Day is May 24th.   Sarah is also the Black Madonna of the Roma peoples.

Every year on Sarah's Feast Day her statue is dressed up and taken down to the shore to re-enact her arrival in France.  

Collage of Black Madonna artwork.

Collage of Black Madonna Statues.

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