Sunday, December 9, 2012

Saint Nicholas - Santa Claus - Father Christmas

Saint Nicholas is the inspiration for Santa Claus.  Nicholas was a 4th Century Greek Christian Bishop who became well known and loved because of his years of generous giving to the poor and love for children.  Nicholas was the only child of wealthy Greek parents.  His parents perished during an epidemic while Nicholas was still very young.  Nicholas became a very devout Christian at a very early age and remained so throughout his life.  After Nicholas's passing he became known as the Patron Saint of Children and sailors.

Many miracles were attributed to Saint Nicholas and he was called Nikolaos the Wonderworker.  

In the year 325 Bishop Nicholas attended the Council of Nicea where it was decided what books would make up the Bible.  Nicholas was the only Bishop at the Council of Nicea who was not in agreement with the way it was decided that the Bible would be presented.  There were many writings that were left out that Nicholas knew was crucial to the messages that Jesus brought to humanity.  Nicholas was faithful to the True and Authentic teachings of Jesus the Christ.

Early images of Santa Claus depict him as Saint Nicholas dressed up in his robes.

As time passed the image of Santa Claus evolved into a jolly older and fat man who came down chimneys on Christmas eve to deliver toys to children who were good all year long.

Saint Nicholas, I love you and I bless you.  I thank you for your service to life.

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