Friday, December 7, 2012

Richard Armitage in NYC for The Hobbit

The dapper Englishman has been in NYC this week for the The Hobbit premiere and junket tour.  Enjoy the photos.  You know that I am loving them.  


Richard in NYC signing autographs.  

The two photos below were actually taken in Toronto before Richard arrived in NYC.


Anonymous said...

Xenia is he in your country? That means you're in with a better chance! Quick! ;)

collarcitybrownstone said...

Hi Veganopoulous,

Oh how I WISH!!!!! :-)

I would LOVE to meet him. I know that once our eyes lock for the first time we will be together forever....LOL hee hee

Richard is probably on his way to the UK now for the London premiere next week. After all the excitement around The Hobbit dies down a bit I think he will be spending some time in the USA according to recent interviews that he did. I love it when we are both at least in the same country. :-)

phylly3 said...

Lovely pictures! Too bad you didn't get to catch a glimpse of him somewhere (let alone lock eyes - LOL!).