Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Villa Scarpariello

I am currently reading a book titled A Month of Italy: Rediscovering the Art of Vacation.  It is written by Christopher Brady.  I am not going to review the book now.  When I am finished reading it I will review it.  This post is about the Villa Scarpariello that is mentioned in the book.  The author makes it sound so romantic and beautiful that I had to look the place up online. 

The Villa Scarpriello is located along the Almalfi coastline.   Just from looking at it from the outside I am sold on it. 

What particulalry interests me are the apartments in Villa Scarpariello.  Imagine waking up and going to bed to views like this.  In the bedroom photo above the only thing that ruins it for me is the TV.  There is simply no way in heck that I am going all the way to Italy to watch TV; especially if I am surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.  I refuse to put a TV in my bedroom at home so no way would I want that TV in there.     

A kitchen in one of the Villa Scarpariello apartments.

 I am really digging those red chairs.

This isn't a bedroom, but that TV needs to go.  The Villa Scarpariello looks like a place I would want to spend my honeymoon in when my Prince Charming finds me and we get married.Even if I was travelling to the Amalfi coastline alone I still would not want to see a TV in there.   I can easily picture myself spread out on the sofa or out on the balcony reading a great book on my kindle.  Or better yet, cuddling with my Prince as we whisper sweet words to each other.

Beautiful and romantic views of the sea from the Villa Scarpariello



Speaking of wedding destinations, if you want to see a beautiful wedding that took place here along the Amalfi coastline click on Jeff Weeks Photos and you will see some of the most beautiful photos EVER!.  The photos will take your breath away.  Some of them I posted on the post. 

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