Sunday, November 4, 2012

Believe In Love

I just finished reading this book on my Kindle and enjoyed it very much.  It is a contemporary romance story that is a fast read.  The storyline kept me engaged and moved along at a good steady pace.  The hero is Carson Waverly, a very handsome and wealthy architect and owner of luxury hotels in Hawaii called The Waverly.  Carson is a womanizer who because of his past does not believe in love; at least not for himself.  Carson has dated many beautiful women, including international models, but none were able to keep his interest until he meets Molly Carson, a very pretty but dowdy, naive and inexperienced nurse from Idaho.

Molly travels to Kauai to sprinkle the ashes of her best friend Roger into the ocean in Hawaii.  It is one Roger's last requests before he passed away.  On Molly's first day in Kauai she meets Carson Waverly and from there this beautiful love story unfolds.

There is an element of intrigue that gives the storyline the right amount of lift.  

The only thing that I raised my eyebrows a little about the story is that Carson Waverly was deliberately planning to sleep with someone (Molly) who is a paying customer in his hotel.  That element just did not seem professional to me.  Carson Waverly is obviously a very smart man who takes his business seriously so that part did not match his personality, even though he was a self proclaimed womanizer.

This book also contains intimate acts of making love between Molly and Carson so if you are offended my that this is a warning for you.  Yes, I was blushing.  

4 Stars  


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