Saturday, November 3, 2012

I AM Temple of Love and Light

I recently wrote a post about being at a crossroad in my life.  If you missed it you can read it HERE.  One of the main things that I would rather be doing is purchasing this 30,000 square foot building that was formerly a Catholic church.  It is one of 33 churches that were closed by the Diocese in the area in 2010 because of low membership.  It is a magnificent building inside and out.  I would love to have this building to use not as another traditional church, but a Temple for people to honor the I AM Presence that abides within.  I would love to be able to hold classes, workshops and retreats here to assist humanity in its enlightenment. 

When the Diocese closed this church it was completed stripped.  This is what the sanctuary looked like before the church closed it.  It does not look like this anymore.  All of the stained glass windows were taken out along with all the statues, entire altar, the magnificent organ, beautiful chandeliers and yes even the pews are gone.  The Diocese pissed off a lot of people by doing that but it did not bother me one bit.   To me it is still a beautiful building.  I don't need the statues or the gorgeous altar piece.  I don't need the stained glass windows either since they depict religious images.  It would have been nice if they had left the pews, but it is no big deal to me because I know that all things are possible.  As the I AM Temple of Love and Light there is plenty of seating. 

If you are standing on the altar platform looking towards the back of the sanctuary this is what it looked like before it was stripped.  Beautiful wasn't it?
This is the entrance door into the sanctuary.  

I met with the person in charge at the Diocese last year about purchasing the building and he was very nice and open to me purchasing it.  I was even taken inside to see what the sanctuary looks like now after the stripping.  It was thoroughly stripped, but I am not daunted by it.  I know that I can make this into a beautiful and thriving spiritual center.    I decided to give the desires of my heart to God and let Him/Her take care of it.  It is not my job to figure out the details,  It is my job to know that it is done and to instead spend my time planning out what this magnificent sanctuary will look like once I have it restored.  There won't be any religious objects in it at all since I am not making into another church, but it will still be beautiful.

This is what the church sanctuary looks like now.  I took these photos myself when I was allowed inside so that I can see exactly what I would be facing purchasing this building.  This would completely scare off a lot of people but not Xenia.  My Beloved Mighty I AM Presence can do anything for the greater good. 

I see a beautiful altar stage dedicated to the I AM Presence of all people.   

I can clearly see this space as the I AM Temple of Love and Light.

Where the stations of the cross used to be on the side walls I can see beautiful paintings that honor The Presence..
The stained glass windows were all taken out.  This is no problem for the Beloved Mighty Magic Presence. 

        The vestibule
Thank you Mother-Father God for planting this idea in my head and using me to get this done.  I trust that You are working out the details for me to have this building to use it to be a Light to the world.  You are opening the way for the Diocese to sell to me at a very reasonable price this former church building that once served the neighborhood in its own way.  Now it is time for it to help transform the world.  I trust that Mother-Father God will send to me the people who also holds this vision and will help me.  I AM never alone and the Light of God never fails.


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Anonymous said...

That would be FABULOUS! It's a splendid idea. I love seeing how former churches are converted in to homes or meeting places.