Friday, October 12, 2012

Pretty Fabric Coasters

Here are some photos of pretty fabric coasters that I purchased about ten years ago from Marshall's Super Store.  When I first saw them on the shelf I had no idea what they were.  They looked too small to be napkins, but I did finally figure out what they are.  I had never seen coasters made of just fabric before.  These are made of linen and has a fancy embroidery design on the bottom of them.  There were lots of them on the shelf being sold in sets of 4 and I purchased 2 sets.  Each set has a different embroidery design.

There were actually on clearance because they were not selling.  I think that maybe many others could not figure out that they are coasters.  I wish that I had purchased more than two sets of them.  They really are very pretty.

Here are some photos of other fabric coasters that I found online.

 Someone with an Etsy shop is selling these.

These coasters above with the eyelet fabric is by another Etsy seller.

These round fabric coasters are made using re-cycled CD's.

Click the link under this photo to see the tutorial on how make this lovely floral coaster.

I really like these knitted coasters as well.  Click the link for the tutorial.

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JoKnows said...

I definitely would have thought they were weirdly small napkins! They are lovely, and I like the other selections you highlighted! :)