Sunday, October 14, 2012

Richard Armitage as Harry Jasper Kennedy

Yes, this is another post about Richard Armitage.  Please don't hate me.  This is a somewhat free country so I am entitled to have a crush on anyone I want and Richard Armitage is my crush of choice.  Give me some credit for not posting about him daily.  It has been some time since my last post on this gorgeous hunk of a man so I am entitled to this one.....hee hee haa haa

I challenge any one of you ladies to look at this man and tell me that he is not the bomb.  All of the photos in this page is of Richard Armitage playing Harry Jasper Kennedy in The Vicar of Dibley.  If you are an RA fan then you already know that.  Harry Kennedy is one of my favorite characters.  He is not only handosme and sexy, but he is also of fine character.  
Look at those eyes adoring the vicar who, of course, you don't see in the photo.

I love that the character loves to read since I am an avid reader.  Actually, it is a huge turn on for me when a man loves to read and he has lots of books in his apartment.  I always notice the huge fireplace beyond Harry.  I can easily conjure up images of me and Harry sitting on the couch in front of a roaring fire reading our books together.  Every now and then we would stop for some sweet kisses.  I do have vivid imagination faculties.

 Harry sure is tall and handsome.  I wish that he would move next door to me.

One of my favorite scenes is when Harry asks the vicar to have dinner with him.

I would LOVE a good night kiss from Harry.  The vicar is so lucky.

A bookworm who also has a playful spirit is a real winner.

The vicar is so cute here trying to sneak up on Harry while he is talking on his cell phone.

Harry proposes to the vicar in this scene and I loved it.  Harry tells the vicar that he loved her from the moment he set eyes on her.  What woman wouldn't melt in her man's arms after hearing a line like that; especially knowing that he means it.

Another look of love from Harry to the vicar.  Oh Harry...please look at Xenia.

The vicar looked beautiful on her wedding day.  I was so happy for her.   Okay, I admit it; I pretended it was me standing next to Harry on our wedding day.

 Harry Kennedy...what a sweetheart!

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