Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mums the Word

I am a lover of all four seasons.  I prefer to live in the northeast because we do experience winter, spring, summer and fall.  I do wish that winter was a little shorter, but overall I really do not mind it.  It is nice to have snow during the Christmas season although it no longer looks beautiful after it has fallen and starts to get dirty.

September 22nd officially kicks off Autumn.  I always associate mums with Autumn.  Mums come in such beautiful colors that match the leaves that fall on the ground.  In some areas the leaves have already started turning colors.  In about another month it will be pumpkin picking time.  Apple picking I think already started or is about to begin.

This post is dedicated to my favorite autumn flowers which are mums.

Mums and daisies

What are your favorite autumn flowers?


JoKnows said...

These are beautiful. The mums and daisies mix is my favourite. I love the four seasons too, but I would like winter/snow to be December only, just for Christmas. ;) We are hoping to go apple picking this weekend. We try to enjoy what each season offers.

collarcitybrownstone said...

Apple picking has become so expensive here in these parts. Some of the apple orchards have become so touristy too which sort of spoils it a bit. I remember going apple picking in the early 1990's. The experience is so different now from what it was back then.

I like about two months of snow and then I want it to go away for the season.