Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Embracing Life in Florence Italy

One of my co-workers resigned her position last week and is moving to Florence Italy in November.  This young woman just turned 28 years old.  I will call herTiffany but it is not her real name.  Tiffany worked in the marketing department and she is very good at what she does.  Tiffany started out with the company as a paid intern and upon graduation from University she came on board as a full time employee.  I started working for the company in 2007 and Tiffany started as in intern in 2006.

 Collage of Florence, Italy

I have to say that I have always admired Tiffany.  She is such a great role model for other young women because she embraces life and all its gifts.  I am not trying to toot my own horn, but that is something that I have always done as well.  I love life and I embrace life because I believe that is what we are here for.  I say YES to life everyday.  If you want to do something then do it and stop waiting for the perfect time.  The perfect time is now.  It is also perfectly fine to think grand thoughts about your life and what you would love to do.  Then put those thoughts into your feeling side of life and into ACTION.  I love reading travel essays written by single women who relocated on their own to other countries.  That is what I call embracing life and not allowing what others think to stop you. 

Like me Tiffany enjoyed working at the company we work for.  I always found it a pleasure to go into work and I still do.  For Tiffany, even though she still believes in the company and what it stands for she is ready to move on.  When you no longer feel excitement about something you are doing or a situation you are in, I think it is your soul letting you know that it is time for the next adventure.  Tiffany is single (but she is in a relationship) and she has no children yet.  The opportunity to teach in another country came up and she took it because it felt right and it is exciting.  Tiffany will be working on getting her certification while teaching English to children for about 8 months in Florence.  After that she will be able to apply for other teaching positions.  Tiffany does not know if she will return stateside after 8 months but I highly doubt it.  Tiffany is very open to exploring the different countries in Europe and 8 months is not enough when you are teaching and earning a certificate.  I did encourage her to stay a while.  Tiffany is Italian-American and has lots of family in Italy that she has never met.  In case you are wondering, NO, Tiffany's boyfriend is not going with her to Italy.   

 Ponte Santa Trinita bridge in Florence

 I have always wanted to live in Europe for a while but I have never even been to Europe yet. I was planning to move to France back in 1996 but then I decided to take a different life path which kept me in America.  Also, as you get older it is more difficult to move far away from family (especially your parents) and I don't have any family  in Europe.

 Piazza Della Republica

 Roof top view of Florence

 Il Duomo di Firenze

        .  Scenic view of Florence, Italy

 I do see myself making that move to Europe some day in the not too distant future. Either England or Italy would be my choice as a primacy residence.  Right now I am not ready to sell my home.  I spent a lot of money and time restoring my Victorian brownstone; so I want to enjoy the fruits of my labor for a while.  If I meet my Prince Charming before I am ready to relocate hopefully he will also be open to moving to Europe.  Actually, if he really is my Prince Charming then he definitely would be.  My Prince has a sense of adventure like I do.  In my mind's eye I can see us living in an old house that is centuries old and traveling all over Europe to explore in our spare time.  I just have to figure out what to do to work from home so that I can live anywhere in the world and also meet my Prince so that we can start enjoying each other and life together.

The whole point of this post is that I encourage you all to embrace life.  Feed whatever your passions are and do not make excuse like you are single or married so you cannot do this or that.  Even if you have children it does not have to hold you back.  Often children can learn from and enjoy  your adventures too.   

Beautiful old map of Florence.

Remember to always say YES to Life!


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Bridget Hall said...

This is probably the only thing dissuading a former classmate of mine from moving to the united kingdom; italy's got a lot of great sights to see, that's for sure.