Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome Spring 2013

I welcome the first day of spring with gladness!  I am so happy that you are here.

Yesterday my area was blanketed with snow on and off all day.  I had to go out and shovel twice.  As the day progressed it turned into wet snow, so much of it washed away.  I really hope yesterday was the last of snow for the winter season this year.  I do enjoy winter and that is one reason that I choose to live on the east coast.  It is just that by March I have had enough of it for the season.

Thoughts of spring weather is so exciting to me.  It is a reminder of the wonders of Mother nature.  I love witnessing the plants and trees waking up after several months of rest and rejuvenation.  Four trees in my backyard have gone to rest permanently, so I have to cut them down.  The first warm sunny day this week or next, one of my neighbors will be taking care of the task for me.  Once the trees are gone my backyard will have so much more light too.  It will be perfect for growing vegetables.  I am going to plant tomatoes (as usual), kale, eggplant, different varieties of peppers and whatever else I fancy.  My beautiful rose bushes will appreciate the extra sun.  Every summer my roses are like the belle of the ball and they receive lots of compliments from the neighbors.  I will plant pink peonies this year too.  Peonies are some of my favorite flowers.  Maybe I will plant a Rose of Sharon bush too.

With the arrival of spring I hope a new job arrives as well.  I was laid off in December.  I was not down about it because I see these things as the Universe opening up a better path for me.  I reached a crossroads and it was time for me to step forth to a new chapter.  There were two job openings recently that I was really interested in, and would have been happy to get either position, however, both went to other candidates.  I wanted to cry.  Well, actually I did cry, but not for too long.  The Universe, which is God, has never, ever failed me.  I know that my next job as a payroll administrator has already been worked out and secured by my Higher Consciousness and unfed Flame within my heart.  Even if I do not yet see tangible evidence of it I know that I have it already, so there is nothing for me to cry about, and it is even better than those two positions that I thought I wanted so much.  That is always how things turn out.  I thank God for my strong and resolute faith.  It is that faith, knowing and conscious connection to the Presence that abides within me that has given me every good thing in my life.  I don't know how people without any faith do it, because if I did not have mine to cling to I don't know what my life would amount to.  My faith that there is something Greater keeps me in joy and happiness.  Where there is discord I always know that I will be victorious.       


In this case I will be victorious again because I know that I already have the prefect job that pays me the salary that I require, desire and deserve.  It is near my home and the people are wonderful to work with.


I look forward to the upcoming retreat that renews my heart, soul and spirit.

I give thanks to my family and friends.  My friends include those in the world of blogging, yes YOU. 

Thank you to blue skies and bumble bees.



Thank you to tulips and nasturtium.

Thank you to morning glories.

   Thank you to the spring elf.

I say YES to life every day!



Collar City Brownstone said...

growing your own food is so much fun, and rewarding too :)

Collar City Brownstone said...

You are right about that. I had such a bountiful crop of juicy tomatoes last summer. I had so much that I had to give some away. This year I want to plant a variety of foods.

Collar City Brownstone said...

Hope the new job finds its way to you soon :)

Collar City Brownstone said...

Thank you Servetus. I remain sure that it will.