Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tracee Ellis Ross - People I Admire

I dare you to tell me that she doesn't look like her famous mother.  I was over on You Tube looking for something else when I found out that Tracee Ellis Ross has her own You Tube channel.  Tracee is one of my favorite people in the world of Hollywood.    Despite having a famous and legendery mom and growing up in the world entertainment, Tracee seems to have dodged the demons that many other people get caught up in such as drugs, alcohol and sex scandals.  I think that Tracee grew up to be a well rounded individual as did her siblings.  All of Diana Ross's five children seems to have come into their own unscathed.

If you want to check out Tracee's YUou Tube channel click HERE.   Tracee also has a really great website that you can check out by clicking on Tracee Ellis Ross.  Watching Tracee on You Tube you really get a good sense of her personality.  

  Tracee and mom Diana Ross

Tracee turned 40 last year and seems very happy and comfortable with herself and her life.  I really admire the fact that Tracee exudes such confidence and joy despite the fact that she has never been married.  Many women by that age who have never been married are freaking out.    

Tracee especially looks like her mom when her hair is pulled back.  

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Collar City Brownstone said...

Great post! I hopped over to her channel and watched a couple videos - she is so adorable and cheery. Definitely gonna subscribe hehe! I really loved her in the show girlfriends, as Joan. :)

- Sasha (