Sunday, March 3, 2013

Little Letters: Second Edition

Dear Beloved I AM Presence,  I love you, I bless and I thank you for the gift of life.

Dear Bed, you are so comfortable to sit up on with my laptop.  Who needs a computer desk.

Dear Talbots Outlet Store, keep those huge store savings going.  Your clothes are fabulous without breaking the bank.  I am forever thankful.

Dear T and J Soaps, I love your sweet smelling, home made bath bombs.  Please keep making them.  Your bath bombs makes my time soaking in my claw-foot tub all the more relaxing and enjoyable.

Dear Trader Joe's, thank you for opening up a store in my area FINALLY.  

Dear Ikea, Trader Joe's FINALLY came to my area, now I want to know when you are coming.  Right now the nearest Ikea for me is in New Jersey.  There is a sofa that I love and want to buy, but the delivery charge alone is $300.00.  I desire for you to open a store in my area so that I can buy the sofa and take advantage of all your great sales.

Dear Charles F. Lucas Confectionery & Wine Bar, I had a lovely time hanging out there on Frday night with some friends.  Your appetizers are delicious and tea is served with such class.  I love the little filtered tea pots.  Kudos to the assortment of vegan desserts that you offer too.  See the Wine Bar HERE

Dear Usa, thank you for your service to life.

Dear Big Lots, thanks for selling pretty and great quality computer bags for 17" laptops for $12.00.  I really did not want to spend $45.00 for an ugly and bulky black one.

Dear Lodges, love your store.  You remind me so much of Woolworths but on a smaller scale.  You are the only store (that I know of) that I can find sheer pantyhose in natural colors for black women without ripping us off on the price. 

Dear Almond Pocket Cookies, YUM!    

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