Monday, December 31, 2012

Trader Joe's Caramel Popcorn: YUM!!!

With all the FREE advertising that I am going to be giving Trader Joe's I really think they should either start paying me or at least start sending me $10.00 off my total purchase coupons.

Today I purchased a bag of Trader Joe's caramel popcorn.  I never bought it before and decided to try it.  It is super duper delicious.  I have to warn you that it is super sweet, so if you do not like things super sweet, then this is not for you.  The first ingredient is cane sugar.  Your dentist will love that and look forward to seeing you more often. 

This is the best caramel popcorn that I have ever tasted.  



Ivy and Elephants said...

I hope your 2013 is filled with happiness and joy!
Big hugs,
We don't have a Trader Joe's (bummer) but, I just polished off some Harry and David "moose munch" (chocolate and macadamia nut caramel corn).
Just one word ....YUM!!!

collarcitybrownstone said... you are going to make me go out and look for some of what you just ate...LOL

Love and hugs!


JoKnows said...

Xenia, you are making me jealous. I became attached to Trader Joe's when we went to Cape Cod in the summer. The nearest one to my house is something like a 5 hour drive! That popcorn looks yummy, and I am good with sweet! ;)