Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Movie Review

Yesterday I went to see the 11:20am showing of The Hobbit at the local IMAX theater.  My friend and I were really glad that we went to see it early instead of a later show at night because we found many of the images of the monsters and animals quite scary looking.  We found ourselves turning our heads to not look quite often.  One of the monsters looks like what you would picture satan to look like.  The only thing missing in the movie was Linda Blair with her head spinning like it did in  the movie The Exorcist.  After the movie my friend and I went to a bright and cheery store to try to get those horrible monster images off of our minds.  

Richard Armitage says this is a movie that the whole family can see, but I think that little children could get scared.  There is a lot of fighting and medieval style violence that I do not consider family entertainment.    I read The Hobbit and the book did not scare me at all.  I found it to be a quick and easy read and I did like it.
Martin Freeman does an outstanding job in the role of Bilbo Baggins.  I think Martin is perfect and I cannot image another actor playing this part.  Martin Freeman brings just the right amount of comedy to the character as well.  For the most part Bilbo is a man who loves and enjoys the comfort of his home, good food and the simplicity  of life.  Martin Freeman clearly conveys this to the audience.  I also love the way Freeman portrays the good nature aspect of Bilbo's personality.


I loved Bilbo's Hobbit home.  It is warm and cozy and filled with so much food. 

Against his better judgement Bilbo Baggins decides to go on the journey to help the dwarfs regain their kingdomThere is also a little bit of "Took" adventurism in Bilbo.

Sir Ian Mckellan reprises his role as Gandalf.  Sir Ian is great in the role, but to me he looks a bit tired at times on film. 


The monsters are really creepy looking but these were tame compared to how many of the others looked.

Cate Blanchette reprises her role as Galadriel and she does a very good job of it.  

Christopher Lee plays Saruman.  Every time I look at Christopher he reminds me of dracula.

Andy Serkis is outstanding as Gollum.  I found this part of the movie to be stretched out longer than it needed to be though.

Richard Armitage is visually STUNNING as Thorin Oakensheild!!!   Richard is not only extremely handsome, but he plays Thorin with so much regal and kingly elegance.  Thorin is a dwarf in exile, but he has never forgotten his family and their home, the Kingdom of Erebor.  Thorin is determined to reclaim their Kingdom and oust the dragon Smaug.


Thorin son of Thrain is a major character in The Hobbit story.  Peter Jackson chose wisely when he cast Richard Armitage and Martin Freeman in the two key roles.  These two actors do so much justice to their roles, even though Richard is a lot more beautiful than Thorin of The Hobbit book.  Richard actually looks nothing like Thorin in the book.  He is handsome and sexy as all heck.  Every time Richard is on screen his quiet Presence takes over and everything else is moved into the background of your mind.  If Richard Armitage does not get an Oscar nomination for Thorin I will lose all respect for the Academy.    


I don't want to write too much about the movie in case you have not seen it yet.  I will add that I like where Peter ends the movie.  It was a very appropriate spot to end it.  Peter Jackson and the entire production crew did a fabulous job unfolding the story.  You can see Peter Jackson's obsession with technology as well as you are watching the movie.  The sets and costumes are fantastic.  The New Zealand landscape is beautiful.  I love the music.  The Hobbit received mixed reviews from the "critics", but that is not going to stop the public from swarming to the theaters to see it.   

I have to say that I wish Peter Jackson kept it to two movies instead of stretching it to three.  Peter made the movie bigger than the book.  If you loved the Lord of The Rings trilogy then you will be happy that The Hobbit has been stretched into three movies.  If you love this type of movie then you will love The Hobbit.  It contains loads of horrible medieval style violence; especially once the dwarfs set out on their journey.  I normally would never go to see a movie like this.  I went to see The Hobbit only because I am an avid Richard Armitage supporter.  This movie is propelling Richard Armitage into super stardom and I predict that he is going to be sought after by the American film industry with a vengeance.  I bet any money that Richard will be living in America for quite some time making movies, doing theater and earning tons of money doing it.  Richard has already based himself in the New York City vicinity.  Smart move Richard!   

As we enter the New Age my hope is that humanity will tire of and move on from these types of stories and films.  

I know that there are millions of fans of Lord of The Rings and these types of movies.  These fans will not agree with my take on The Hobbit, but I have to be honest about what I think of it.  I was completely turned off by the amount of violence and this is not what I consider entertainment.  My friend said this a man's movie, but I know plenty of women out there who love this stuff and will love The Hobbit.   I am impressed with the technology used and I do give 5 stars to that.  I also give 5 stars to the actors. 

Now I cannot wait to see Richard Armitage in the movie Black Sky in 2013.




Anonymous said...

I agree that the PG-13 rating is appropriate given the amount of violence.

collarcitybrownstone said...

Hi Servetus,

Yes, I am glad for the PG-13 rating. The Hobbit is a children's book, but this is not a children's movie in my humble opinion. If anyone from the Tolkien family sees it I bet they will choke on their popcorn while watching it.