Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Tempest A Guy of Gisborne Story

 A Richard Armitage fan on Pinterest highly recommended that I read this book The Tempest A Guy of Gisborne Story.  Since the Kindle version is only $3.99 I decided to pucrhase it.   I started reading it the next day and I literally could not put the book down until I finished the story.  It is written by Charlotte Hawkins.

I really enjoyed reading this book.  A couple of people on amazin hated it but I don't get that at all.  I found the storyline to be very engaging.  It was nice to see Guy of Gisborne find the true love of his life and I was glad that it was not Marian.  It was also nice to see Guy's transformation from a man who was wicked and cruel to a man who deep down had a good decent side to him and was really ashamed of the way he acted and the lives he ruined.  

Cassia DeWarren is the woman who loved Guy of Gisborne and was able to see through him to his soul.  She saw that deep down there was goodness in him and with her love she brought that aspect of Guy to the fore.   At the start of the story Guy is still obssessed with Marian, but after he is injured and left unconscious, his body was found by Cassia and her father Robert DeWarren.  Cassia and Robert managed to bring Guy's body to the house and from there worked on his injuries which were very serious and life threatening.  As Cassia's unwilling patient Guy gets to know Cassia who is of peasant birth.  Being in constant close proximity with Cassia, Guy is forced to get to know her better.  The more Guy gets to know Cassia the more he is drawn to her as a person.  Guy is also physically drawn to Cassia.  She is a dark beauty just as Marian was but instead of having green eyes Cassia's eyes are dark.

 In the BBC Robin Hood series Richard Armitage plays Guy of Gisborne and you can easily recognize Richard's protrayal of the character in this book.
Over time Guy of Gisborne realizes that he is in love with Cassia and that his love for Marian paled in comparison.  Cassia inspires Guy to want to be a better person and he is ashamed of the misery and heartbreak that he caused in the past.          

Guy of Gisborne is extremely amorous in this book and it does contain detailed lovemaking scenes.  Some people do find this sort of thing uncomfortable, but I don't as long as it is written tastefully and is connected to love and not base lust.  For being such a formerly cruel person Guy is a very sweet, tender, considerate and passionate lover who has no problems expressing himself in the bedroom.   I was blushing as I was reading the love scenes.

If I am not mistaken the author of this book based Guy of Gisborne on Richard Armitage's portrayal of him in Robin Hood.  In the book Guy had the same way of smirking that Richard brought to the character.  They have the same brooding and arrogant temperament.    

Thank you Richard Armitage and thank you Charlotte Hawkins for a great book.  Click HERE to go the the author's blog.  This is the first and only book I have read by her.  Miss Hawkins does wrote "adult" books.  I enjoyed this one and was not offended but I am not sure about the others.  Some people may consider her books soft porn which I am not into either.  I may give another one of her books a try since I enjoyed this one so much.     

5 Stars

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