Sunday, November 11, 2012

The House Inc. Collection

Another designer that I became aware of while I was attending trade shows back in 2005 is Annette Tatum who is the brains and designer behind the House Inc. Collection.  I was so taken with the home decor designs of House Inc and I would have carried this line in Xenia's Victoria Tea if I had gone through with my plans.  It is almost a shame that I never opened my store.  I invested so much of my time to it, but besides having to restore my own home 2005 was such a turbulent time as well.  I went through a lot of changes and in the end it was best that I put aside Xenia's Victoria Tea for the time being.  It is something I would still LOVE to do, so maybe it will come about at some point after all.

The collection has beautiful and very elegant bedding.

House Inc used to have a really beautiful website that I do nit see online anymore.  If you click HERE it will take you to Annette Tatum's website.  House Inc. may be under a different name now.

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