Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Love Cath Kidson Designs

For many years I thought of opening my very own home decor store.  I love interior decorating and just about anything related to the home.  I even went so far as to register a name with the IRS for my store in 2005 and started attending trade shows at Jacob Javits Center in NYC.  I enjoyed the trade shows so much.  I learned a lot and met so many wonderful people in the industry.  The name that I chose for my store was Victoria tea.  I wanted a name that was unusual and not necessarily a name that one would associate with a home decor store.  Then I thought of adding my name to it to make it Xenia's Victoria Tea. My store was going to have a section where customers could sit down for tea, pastries and finger sandwiches.

Unfortunately, Victoria Tea never opened.  I had just recently purchased my brownstone which required so much of my time to restore.  I am just now finishing up with that project in 2012.  Anyway, during my time trying to plan Victoria Tea, I found out about Cath Kidson at the trade shows.   I immediately fell in love with Cath Kidson products and you can easily see why.  The Cath Kidson brand feeds right into my shabby chic, feminine, girlie girl image.  I just LOVE this stuff!
Cath Kidson fabrics are so beautiful.  They are great for quilting, making curtains, pillow covers, etc.


Lampshade made with Cath Kidson fabric.

Cath Kidson fabric makes a great floor pillow.

Cath Kidson tins for buttons and cute.


Accessories that any girlie girl will LOVE.


Cath Kidson even has carpeting too.

England's Cath Kidson.

Click HERE to go the the Cath Kidson's online store.

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