Saturday, November 17, 2012

Italy: Rediscovering the Art of Vacation

I just finished reading this book and it did take me longer to read it than I thought it would.  I enjoyed it very much but here and there it was just a tad bit tedious.  This book is about Chris Brady taking a month long vacation-sabbatical with his family.  The Brady's head for Italy which is a country that Chris has been to before and drawn to.  I love Chris's sense of adventure.  When I get married that is the type of husband I want to end up with.  I don't see taking a month out of one's life to spend in Italy or anyplace you ever dreamed of impossible.  You can make anything happen if you have the burning desire to do so.  If you think something is not possible then you don't want it badly enough. 

Chris, his wife Terri and four children head for the Amalfi coast first.  The Brady's first rent a villa apartment that overlooks the Mediterranean sea.  Their adventures in that part of the region pulls me in and keeps me reading. After a week or so the family heads to another region of Italy and rent a villa called La Contea in Tuscany.  I found their adventures there equally interesting and I want to visit Italy now more than ever.  Throughout the entire book Chris spices it up with humor.  Having a sense of humor is another great personality trait to have in a spouse. 

What sticks out clearly is the love and closeness of this family and I think that added to the wonderful time they had in Italy.  I admire the Brady family.  Terri is a very supportive wife.  Another person who reviewed this book saw that as a weakness and wrote that Terri seems like a person who just goes along with everything her husband wants.  There is a difference between being a doormat and being supportive.  Terri is loving and supportive.  How wonderful it would be if we all had spouses who loves us enough to want our dreams to come true and participates in it.  Terri, who loves to cook, goes off on her own in Italy one day to take a cooking class.  I enjoyed reading about that.  Chris Brady is a father who takes part in his children's raising and does not leave it all to mommy, even though Terri does most of it being a full time mom.  Chris clearly loves and appreciates his wife and children.  He never takes any of them for granted and the entire family has a strong spiritual base.

The Bradys visit so many historical places that most people just read about in books.  Chris made them all come alive ofr me and I would stop to Google many of them.  I cannot wait to visit the Vatican, the Temple of Neptune, etc.

Chris Brady clearly spent thousands of dollars on this trip and I would have liked to know how much it cost him.   The books contains lots of advice and tidbits that are good to know.

4 Stars


JoKnows said...

I love Italy. We went once on our honeymoon and have been dying to go back. My husband and I keep saying we will spend a month there in the summer, but we have been waiting for the kids to get a bit older.

collarcitybrownstone said...

Waiting for your kids to get a little older is probably a good idea. I think the older a child is the more he/she will appreciate a vacation like that.