Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Simple Thought Merry Christmas

Nativity set made in Uganda.

I love finding Christmas decoration inspiration from other bloggers.  This one is from Simple Thoughts.  Paige Knudsen is the owner of Simple Thoughts blog and her home is so beautiful that I kept looking at her photos repeatedly.  
I love the idea of putting Christmas greenery inside Christmas stockings.
A well decorated mantle is allways the focal poingt of any room.
This looks so cozy.  
I love the sofa.  

 I never used to like brush cones, but now I really like them.

If you have a large spacious home you can actually put up more than one Christmas tree and the results are spectacular as you can see in Paige Knudsen's beautiful home.  Sometimes I put up two Christmas trees because I have a big house.  This year besides the main one in the front parlor room I am putting one in my kitchen and one in my upstairs window bay room.    

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