Monday, October 22, 2012

Thinking About Thanksgiving

Here we are at the end of October.  I know that in Canada the Canadian people celebrated Thanksgiving this month.  In America, we are preparing to celebrate thanksgiving next month.  I love this time of year when everyone is preparing for two of my favorite holidays.  The photo above of a wild turkey is to honor the bird, not to entice you to go out and buy one to eat on Thanksgiving.  I had my last Thanksgiving turkey last year.  Earlier this year I committed myself to eating vegan, so no more turkeys for me.

These days I am thinking about my thanksgiving menu for this year.  I am just now starting to  search online for vegan thanksgiving foods to prepare.  This is a very special thanksgiving this year because I believe in the Mayan prophesy that December 22, 2012 begins a new Golden Age.  Therefore, this Thanksgiving would be the last one before we enter into a new age.  I like to believe that this is true and so in celebration of the new age, I say farewell to the age of man and hello to a higher consciousness.  That may seem silly to some people, but so be it.  Personally I am thrilled and excited.  

The first Thanksgiving took place in October of 1621 when the Plymouth Colony and Wampanoag Indians shared a bountiful autumn harvest.  It was president Lincoln who in 1863 made Thanksgiving a national holiday to take place every November.  In 1941 President Franklin Roosevelt declared the fourth thursday of November to be Thanksgiving day.   

I the early American kitchen look and the warmth that emanates from them.  

 Lovely autumn table setting.

I love to use Indian corn for decorating during this time of year.
 A pumpkin and acorn cornucopia adds to the look and feel of the season.

Homemade cranberry sauce is the best kind.  I grater oranges into mine.  It makes the flavor pop with a sweet zest.  
As of right now I am not in the mood for baking this Thanksgiving.  I will check out the local vegan bakery and see what they offer.  I have to have my sweets.

Broccoli with toasted almonds.  If you are not vegan you can add butter.

 Roasted vegetables.

Stuffed acorn squash.

Tomato and corn jam with chile and lime.

 Pumpkin and apple soup with ginger.

This bowl of apples decorated with autumn leaves look beautiful and festive.

  An autumn harvest decoration idea.


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