Monday, October 22, 2012

Richard Armitage as Lee Preston

Richard Armitage is Lee Preston in Cold Feet.   I have not really seen this movie because it is only available in region two DVD.  I only saw a very edited version of the story on You Tube.  I have contemplated getting a Universal DVD player but I have not done it yet.

Lee Preston is an instructor at a health and fitness gym.  The gym is where Lee meets Ramona and he puts the moves on her.

Ramona is playing hard to get even though she is no angel either, but Lee is persistant.

Lee is quite tall and handsome.

Lee and Ramona spent the night together and Ramona is making breakfast when Lee's cell phone rings.  Lee tells Ramona that he has to work but..........

Lee was lying.  Lee was invited to join a game of strip poker.  

After the strip poker game everyone heads down to the pool for a naked swim and them head back upstairs to their hotel rooms in pairs for a night a sexual pleasure.  

Lee returns to romance Ramona making her think she is the only one he has eyes for.  Lee also asks Ramona to move in with him.

Ramona goes to the gym to exercise and watches as Lee is instructing a client and paying way too much attention to her.  Ramona confronts Lee about it and she ends up slapping Lee in the face.  Ramona also moves out of Lee's apartment.

Lee goes to make up with Ramona and while he is at it proposes marriage to her.

Ramona is suckered in by the proposal and moves back in with him.  Lee though still has roaming eyes and tries to bed down the same woman that he had sex with after the strip poker party.

Ramona finds out that Lee is still cheating and confronts him again.

Lee the charmer tries to flim flam Ramona again.

Lee's cell phone rings and Ramona goes to answer it, but the caller hangs up once she hears Ramona say hello.  Ramona instinctively knows it is a woman that Lee is cheating on her with and that is the end of their relationship.

Lee Preston is a cheater and a liar and not a very good one.  Richard Armitage does a great job making you believe that he really is Lee Preston.

Photos from Richard Armitage Net.

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