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Moving On: Drowning not Waving

Moving On: Drowning not Waving features my favorite British actor, Richard Armitage (No surprise to anyone who has been reading my blog).  Richard portrays John Mulligan who is a drug dealer real estate developer.  

One day John Mulligan shows up at the doorstep of former classmate Ellie Morgan.  Ellie has to sell her house to get out from under her bills and avoid bankruptcy.  Ellie doesn’t really want to sell her house but really has no choice.  John is interested in purchasing the house so he shows up for a tour of the house and to see Ellie. 
Richard Armitage is perfect as bad boy John Mulligan.  He is handsome, sexy, charming and knows just the right words to say and moves to make to wrap Ellie around his fingers.

Ellie Morgan is played by actress Christine Tremarco. 

Ellie remembers John very well from their school days because she had a huge crush on him.  Now that John is older and even more handsome Ellie is like putty in John’s hands.  She falls for him even though deep down something just doesn’t feel right. 

John is busy "working" Ellie and convinces her to go out to dinner with him.  
John Mulligan wines and dines Ellie.  This dinner scene is the only one that I actually like what Richard Amitage has on.  Richard looks very sexy in this black shirt worn without the jacket in the photo above this one. 

Look at how John Mulligan is staring at Ellie.  That is a look that says "I can own you if I want to."

John Mulligans plies Ellie with more wine and then does just a little too much talking that night.  John is very sure of himself and Ellie.  Ellie is desperate for money to pay off her debts and he also senses that Ellie is still very attracted to him.

Did Ellie not recognize this look of a vulture eyeing its prey?  Obviously not, or maybe Ellie just didn't want to see it because she was too wrapped up in his good looks.
I wonder what John is thinking.

 John Mulligan finally says the wrong thing and......

Ellie gets up and walks out of the restaurant.

Never one to be deterred, John Mulligan shows up at Ellie's doorstep waving a white peace flag in the form of a bag of fish and chips.  Look at that fake smile.  He looks just like a used car salesman.   
John continues laying on the charm.

John is successful in putting Ellie under his spell.

Bingo!  John has reeled in his prey and gave Ellie a romp in bed.  Lucky actress.

After John beds down Ellie a few times, she finally confesses to her best friend Maria that the mystery man in her life is John Mulligan.   Maria nearly chokes when she hears this because Maria just recently ended an affair with John that she had in secret.  The reason for the secrecy is because Maria is married.  Maria, of course, never told Ellie about it.  Maria broke off the affair with John after she found out that he makes his living selling drugs.  Maria tells Ellie that John is a drug dealer but does not confess about her affair with him.  Ellie is stubborn though and too far in gone in love with John so she does not believe Maria.  Ellie prefers to believe that Maria is just jealous of her and continues seeing John.

Ellie does at least have sense enough to confront John about the drug dealing.  John denies it and tells Ellie about the affair that he had with Maria.  John goes on to tell Ellie that Maria is trying to break them up out of jealousy.  Ellie confronts Maria about the affair and their friendship is damaged. 

Maria begs John to stop seeing Ellie and not to hurt her, but John just smiles in her face saying that NO he will not stay away from Ellie.

John is looking at Maria's mouth way too long and he is enjoying taunting her about his relationship with Ellie.
Ellie is packing to go away with John.  John is finishing up getting dressed for their trip.  I don't know who was in charge of the clothes in this movie but the clothes on Richard Armitage in some of the scenes are way too tight.  He looks like he is going to bust out of these pants and the jacket is ill fitting. convenient.  John receives a call on his cell phone just minutes before he is about to leave for the airport with Ellie.

John tells Ellie that he has to stay behind to tend to some very important business.  He also tells Ellie to go ahead without him and he will join her later by taking a later plane.  

The devil int the form of John Mulligan smiling.

Ellie does not want to go without John, but with a few kisses and sweet words John convinces Ellie to go on ahead.

Some women are so gullible.

John puts Ellie's bags in the trunk of the car, but did he put something else in there too?  You will have to watch the movie to find out.  Look at those guilty eyes.

Goodbye Ellie.  Have a safe trip and I will see you later.

 Ellie goes to visit John Mulligan in jail.  Jail?  How did John end up in jail?  You will have to watch the movie to find out.

Good riddance John Mulligan.  You are behind bars where you belong.  Five stars to Richard Armitage for a great performance.

All photos are from Richard Armitage Net.

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