Thursday, October 18, 2012

American Royal Wedding - Luci Baines Johnson

Luci Baines Johnson, youngest daughter of Lyndon B. Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson married Patrick Nugent on August 6, 1966.   Luci had just turned 19 years old the month before on July 2nd.
Imagine having your wedding photos in a national magazine. 

Luci Baines leaves the White House with her father President Lyndon Johnson to marry her prince.  Luci converted to Roman Catholicism and chose to marry in a church instead of the White House. 

Luci's wedding dress is by Priscilla of Boston.

I love the bridesmaids dresses and veil.  That particular shade of pink is so pretty.

While Luci Baines was marrying her prince people were protesting outside the White House.

Former president Lyndon Johnson, his daughter Luci Baines Alice Roosevelt Longworth and Patrick Nugent.  Alice Roosevelt Longworth is the daughter of former president Theodore Roosevelt. 

The following year Luci Baines gave birth to her first child, Patrick Lyndon Nugent.  Patrick was followed by three more children, Nicole, Rebecca and Claudia.  This marital union did not last.  Luci and Patrick separated and later divorced.  The Catholic church annulled their marriage in 1979 which means that the marriage never existed, if I am not mistaken.  That makes no sense to me.  Luci and Patrick were together for some years and had four children together so how can that be annulled.
Luci Baines Johnson today.  As of this post Luci is 65 years old.  She is also remarried to a man named Ian L. Turpin.

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