Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yes, We Still Love Lucy!

Yesterday as I was driving to work I heard on the radio that in a poll people were asked to name their all time favorite TV show.  I am happy to report that I Love Lucy came in first place.   I Love Lucy was voted the best TV show of all time.   

In case you were living on another planet, I Love Lucy was a weekly sitcom that ran from October 15, 1951 to May 6, 1957.  I was born after the showed ended, but I still grew up watching I Love Lucy.  I watched it daily in syndication.  As a matter of fact it came on a couple of times a day at one point.  

As we all know I Love Lucy starred Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance and William Frawley.  Desi Arnaz was Lucille Ball's then real life husband.  These four actors were perfect as the Ricardo's and the Mertz's.  Lucy's antics were usually the focus of the scripts.  Lucille Ball was a brilliant comedienne.  They were all fun to watch and it is easy to understand why I Love Lucy has never gone out of syndication.  Each generation gets the chance to see one of the funniest and most brilliant sitcoms ever to grace our televisions. 

At one point Lucille Ball was pregnant with her son Desi Arnaz Jr.  The pregnancy was incorporated in the show which was revolutionary for that time.  The word pregnant was not used on TV back then.  Married couples were also put to sleep in separate beds on TV.   The episode where Lucy Ricardo tells Ricky that they are expecting a child is one of my favorites.  I cry at the end every time I watch it.  You can see Lucy and Desi getting very emotional as well.

 Vivian Vance and William Frawley

I Love Lucy sound stage

The Vitameatavegamin episode is one of the funniest scripts ever to be written.  I was doubled over with laughter the very first time I saw it.
Another very funny episode is when Lucy and Ethel switch places with Fred and Ricky.  The women try to find work to bring home the bacon and the men took care of the household duties.  What a hilarious disaster it turned out to be.

The world will always remember I Love Lucy.


Lucille Ball was also incredibly gorgeous and had the biggest deep blue eyes.  Lucy's eyes is the first thing that Desi Arnaz noticed about her when he met her. 

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JoKnows said...

She was indeed a beautiful lady, and what a funny show. It is also a great look at the fifties, with its furniture, clothes, hair styles, etc.