Saturday, September 22, 2012

1950's Circle Skirts and Dresses

My last post about the I Love Lucy show made me think about 1950's fashions for women.  Lucille Ball wore the clothes of that decade beautifully as did many women.  What particularly love are the circle skirts and dresses that women wore.  The circle skirt and dress flared out in a wide circle which accentuated your waistline.  I have a collection of vintage patterns which includes circle skirts and dresses.  I really want to make some time to sew.

I love, love, love this halter circle dress.  It is simple yet oh so elegant.

What a beauty of a dress!  I wish this dress belonged to me.  The flower appliques around the neckline and arms is the perfect amount of embellishments on the dress.  It doesn't need anything else including the necklace in the photo.


There are online stores selling vintage clothes like these.  You can find vintage clothes at certain boutiques and consignment shops too, but my pet peeve is that they are way over the top expensive.  I do appreciate the work that seamstresses put into making vintage style clothing, but I cannot justify spending a couple of hundred dollars on one dress.  I don't care what decade the style came from.  To be quite honest with you I don't like to spend more than $35.00 on a dress.  I am willing to spend a little more if it is a special occasion dress, or if I am really bowled over by it.  


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