Friday, September 7, 2012

Art Journal on Sale Purchases

I decided a few days ago to get into art journaling.  Since I do have a love of creating art I already have everything that I need to create an art journal, but I did need some gesso. Therefore I headed to the local A.C. Moore arts and crafts store to get some.  Lo and behold Ac. Moore is having a huge 40% off sale on a lot of stuff, so I ended up spending $54.00.  I am happy with my loot but I had no intentions of spending $54 buying art supplies when I have loads of supplies already.  I actually put back some items that I had in my cart because I really did not need them.  I have to contain myself when I am in an arts and crafts store.  All of the art pads and journals are 40% off though so I really should have stocked up.  Oh well......I can always go back tomorrow before the sale is over....hee hee haa haa!

This is a picture of my art journal supply loot.  The book on the left actually came from Hobby Lobby.  It is just a few doors down from A.C. Moore so I stopped in there too.  The book is $24.99 and was not on sale.   It gets added to the $54.00 that I spent at A.C. Moore.  The book is all about creating art journals and it comes with a DVD.    The rest of the items in the picture came from A.C. Moore.  The visual journal book was on sale for $9.99 and the gesso was on sale for $6.99 so I bought two of them.  What brought the total up to $54.00 are the paint brushes.  They were on sale too but I bought sixteen of them.  

I am going to get started on the book tonight and watch the DVD that came with it.  I am so excited about creating my first art journal.  Tomorrow I will take my loot upstairs to my arts and crafts room and get lost in my own world of art.  


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