Friday, August 31, 2012

Where is Your Dream House Located?

Have you ever thought about where your dream home would be located?  I certainly have and I sure that others have thought about it.  I wondered where other people dreamed of having a house, so I asked in a poll where would your dream home be located.  The just closed today and I have to say that the results did surprise me.  The choices in the poll were America, England, France, Italy, Caribbean, Canada or other.  I regret that I did not add Spain to the list.

I expected France to be the top country chosen because there are so many Francophiles out here.  So many books are written by people who have either relocated to France or visit as often as they can.   I also hear and read so much about the food in France.   To my shock France was not chosen by a single person.  England was the country that got the most votes over the others.  England received 14 votes.  America received 4 votes.  Italy and the Caribbean received 2 votes each.  Canada received one and someone chose "other".

I love America and I would not mind living here for the rest of my life, however I would choose Italy for my dream home, or I should say my second dream home if I were ever to sell the one I live in now.  I have an adventurous spirit and I think it would be grand to experience life in a whole other country from where I grew up.  Italy is a country that I have dreamed of owning an old house dating back a couple of centuries and immersing myself in its culture.  Where would your dream house be located?



Anonymous said...

I suspect your dream location would be "Richard Armitage's house"! :)
I don't know if I'd have a dream location because I think I'd get itchy feet. I lived in the Netherlands for a few years which was great to begin with but towards the end my eye was looking at other cities (but I came back home).

My favourite holiday destination was Venice so I wouldn't mind living there and just bumming around all day. It's so picturesque and I loved the quiet when you'd move away from the touristy areas.

I also love country England so somewhere surrounded by beautiful lush English gardens and old castles and Downton Abbey style homes would be great too :)

collarcitybrownstone said...

Hey, what are you doing up at this hour of the early morning?....LOL I thought I was the only one who wakes up at 4:00am. YES, my dream location is really Richard Armitage's house...LOL How can you tell? Richard Armitage lives in England and actually I would live in England too. I felt that way even before knowing that RA exists in the world. Spain peaks my interest as well as a relocation spot.

I am really intrigued that you lived in the Netherlands.

JoKnows said...

I like to travel, but I'm also kind of a homebody. So, I would have my main home in Toronto (near where I live now) and then I would have a place in Nova Scotia (so beautiful and is also where my parents are from), a place in Italy (where my husband's family is from)...I could go on I'm afraid. But was I allowed more than one dream home? ;) BTW, now following your blog on Bloglovin'. :)

collarcitybrownstone said...

I am a homebody too, so I would have to have a main home. I do love to travel but I have not been doing it lately the way I would like. I have been occupied with my house restoration over the past seven years. The interior restoration is coming to an end this year so I will make more time for travel after this year is up.

Thank you so much for adding Collar City Brownstone to your Bloglovin list. I have been following you on there for a while now.