Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mindful Journeys: Paris and Other Illusions

I really enjoyed this book very much.  I love travel essays but not everyone can write about their travels in a way that keeps me engaged.  This book kept me engaged.  I also loved the photos and web-links.  It brings a new spin to eBooks that I really appreciate and think is fun.  Since I am working on a book I now have an idea of how I can make it more interesting. 

After reading this travel essay Prague is now on my list of places that I MUST visit.  There is balanced writing about food, museums, the people, and the general take on living in the various places.  I do get a sense that Europe has been a bit spoiled by all the tourists with Paris being a MAJOR tourism spot.  I would have loved to know Paris before that happened.  I think I would love to visit these places during off season.

This book is also a fast read.  I could have finished in one day but you know life intrudes sometimes.  This is the second book that I read by E, Journey and both did not disappoint. 

You can visit E. Journey's website by clicking Here.        

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JoKnows said...

I haven't really read any travel essays, but this sounds interesting. I had never thought of going to Prague before. Paris is on my list, although I'm sure you are right, it is probably very touristy.