Saturday, August 18, 2012

Godrej Nupur Mehendi

Recently an India/Pakistani grocery store opened up nearby.  I was thrilled and on opening day I went in support of it.  I saw this package of Godrej Nupur Mehendi and decided to purchase it.  The ingredients are 100% natural which is very important to me.  My scalp is very sensitive to anything that I put on my hair.  The ingredients contained in this product are:

  1. Pure Mehendi
  2. Brahmi - promotes hair growth
  3. Shikakai - leaves hair shiny and clean
  4. Aloe vera - moisturizes hair and makes it shiny
  5. Methi - conditions, nourishes and revitalizes hair
  6. Bhringraj - makes hair luxuriant
  7. Amla - darkens hair color, adds shine and luster
  8. Neem - fights scalp infections and prevents dandruff
  9. Hibiscus - Rejuvenate hair making it shiny and silky
  10. Jatamansi - Prevents graying of hair
I mixed about half of this product with hot tap water and mixed it up in a ceramic bowl until it was the consistency of yogurt.  I let the mixture sit overnight even though it does not have to sit that long.  About 4 hours is long enough.  In the morning I washed my hair as usual using an oatmeal/almond shampoo bar that I get at a local Food Coop.  After washing my hair I applied this product from the roots to the end of my hair.  I started from the front and worked my way towards the back.  The consistency of the mixture was perfect which made it very easy to apply.  When I was finished applying it I put a plastic cap over my hair.  After 3 hours I washed the product out.  I really could have left it on for another hour but I was not feeling particularly well that day so I just wanted to wash it out and get into bed.  It was very easy to wash out.  I then washed my hair again using the shampoo bar.  

My hair is type 4c so it is very kinky and coily.  I love how my hair felt after washing out the product.  It was not dry but instead felt moisturized.  After shampooing It still felt moisturized.  I was very pleased.  My scalp seems to love the product too because it looks healthier and is a lot less flaky with dandruff.  I am hoping that with continued use the dandruff will go away altogether.  My already dark hair came out darker with red highlights.  I read online where a woman added indigo powder to the mixture resulting in less red highlighs.  I am going to try that the next time I put this in my hair.  The red highlights look fine but I prefer just having dark hair without highlights of another color.  

After I washed out the product and shampooed my hair again I let my hair air dry as I usually do.  While my hair was still damp I added my own mixture of whipped shea and mango butter and two strand twisted my hair in sections.   I really love this product because of the amazing results.  I decided to make this a staple product for the care of my hair.  I will use Nupur Mehendi once a month as a deep conditioner. 

I read reviews of Nurpur Mehendi by other women.  Some love it as much as I do and others claim that it made their hair very dry.  It is very important to follow the instructions.  If you are going to add anything to this mehendi product then keep in mind that it can alter how this product works.  It is meant to provide benefit to your hair and scalp as is, so I just added water.  The next time when I add indigo I am only going to add a little bit; probably no more than a tablespoon.  Do not add lemon juice to this because it will knock off its PH balance.   It is okay to add a little bit of oil, but I recommend first using it without adding extras.  In doing so you will see if it really works for you or not.       


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