Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vintage Handkerchiefs

Being a girlie girl, I tend to be a sucker for vintage handkerchiefs.  I remember them being a staple accessory when I was a little girl.  I never used them though fo blowing my nose though.  They just looked too pretty to blow snot into.   Vintage handkerchiefs are very inexpensive.  I like how some people use them today as decorations around the house. 

  Photo from Ruffles and Stuff.

This blogger sewed some of her vintage handkerchiefs together to make a curtain.  I think it looks so lovely.  Click Here to see this DIY project on Beach Vintage

Great idea from Seeking The Muse.

Vintage handkerchiefs displayed in a basket from Restoring The Roost blog

Lovely bouquets wrapped in vintage handkerchiefs.

These are all gorgeous hankies that are great inspirations for DIY projects.

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