Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Three Coins in the Fountain


Last night after I returned home from work I decided to stream a movie from Netflix.  I really enjoy the unlimited streaming package.  The older movies are some of my favorites.  I chose to watch Three Coins in the Fountain which premiered in 1954.  

Three Coins in the Fountains stars Clifton Webb, Dorothy McGuire, Jean Peters, Rossano Brazzi, Louis Jourdan and Maggie McNamara.  The film received Academy awards for best cinematography and best song.  The budget for this movie was 1.7 million.  That pales in comparison to what is spent today to make movies.

Three Coins in the Fountain movie
 Jean Peters (Anita), Maggie McNamara (Maria) and Dorothy McGuire (Miss Frances).

Three Coins in the Fountain
 Jean Peters and Rossano Brazzi

Three Coins in the Fountain movie
 Clifton Webb and Dorothy McGuire

Three Coins in the Fountain - movie
 Louis Jourdan and Maggie McNamara

Three Coins in the Fountain is about three American women (Maria, Anita and Miss Frances) who toss coins in the Trevi fountain in Rome wishing for love in the Eternal city.  The three women share a beautiful apartment in an Italian villa.  Maria arrived in Rome to replace Anita who is planning to return to America.  Miss Frances has been hopelessly in love with an American expatriot writer whom she works for 15 years.  What happens after Maria arrives in Rome is quite entertaining.  This is basically a girl meets boy movie.  There are elements of deception and of course misunderstandings.

Three Coins in the Fountain
 Trevi Fountain in Rome

Three Coins in the Fountain

 I honestly cannot say enough about the cinematography.  It is breathtaking!!!  The openng scenes alone are captivating. The location shots around Rome are very beautiful and romantic.  The Trevi fountain is just one of the many locations in Italy that is featured in this movie.  I would even say that more attention was paid to the location of the movie than the actually storyline itself.  The plot is entertaining but weakly told.  This movie is based on a book titled Coins in the Fountain by John Hermes Secondari. 

 Trailer for Three Coins in the Fountain


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