Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tout Sweet: Hanging Up My High Heels for A New Life in Rural France

Karen Wheeler - author

The best part about this book is the dilapidated old house in the French countryside that Karen restored all on her own.  I have done the same thing myself but here in the states instead.  As a single woman it is very satisfying knowing that I could take on such a huge project like that.  There are couples who would run from it, but I did it.  It took me longer than a year though to restore my brownstone.
Deep heartbreak from a broken relationship prompted Karen to buy an old house in rural France and leave behind her life in London.  In the year that it took Karen to restore the house she grew so much as a person.  I was overjoyed when she finally was able to move on from Eric.  I am very proud of Karen Wheeler.  I just wished that every darned relationship afterwards would not turn sour.

It was challenging trying to keep straight all the people Karen met in France and all the shenanigans of their personal lives.  Karen seemed to be surrounded by a bunch of weirdos.  

It wish that Karen included some photos of her beautiful home in rural France.  I would have liked to see some before and after pictures.  

The ending of the book throws out some promise.  I enjoyed Tout Sweet enough to make me want to read Karen Wheeler's other books.  I am rooting for her.

3 Stars


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