Thursday, July 19, 2012

Home Library Rooms

If you have read my brownstone page then you know that I live in a Queen Anne Victorian brownstone that has 15 rooms.  One of the luxuries of living in a house with so many rooms is that I have extra rooms to make into whatever I want.  I love to read so I made one of the rooms on the second floor my personal library room.  I love it!  I made it cozy and kept the color scheme light.  It is nice for me to go into my library room, lay on the vintage sofa that I purchased from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $65.00.

My library room

 I really love spending time in here.  I have so many books though that I need lots more book shelves.  Right now most of my books are still in either rubber storage bins are laying in piles in my arts & crafts room.

Below are photos of home library rooms that I find very cozy and inspiring.

 This library room is a little dark fo my own personal taste but it is still very lovely and the sofa does lighten it up a bit.

I love the vinatge framed photos on the walls of this library room.

I really love the bold colors of this library room playing off of the white which adds a balance so that the bold colors are not too much on the eyes.


If you don't have an extra room to make into a library you can still create a library space.

Here is a lovely bedroom with a library nook in it.

 This very bohemian looking living room has books displayed on the coffe table.

Charming reading space.

I love seeing books in a home.  Books, like plants, gives a warm and cozy look and feel to a house or apartment.  There are many ways that you can display books besides a bookshelf.

I hope that you have been inspired.

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Anonymous said...

Your home is sooo lovely! I love library rooms, our 'library' is pretty much messy bookshelves and lots of stuff for school (we're homeschoolers). I've been meaning to clean it up for a while and now I'm inspired to do so!