Sunday, July 8, 2012

Duet Bakery Boutique in Brooklyn, NY

When I immigrated to America from Panama with my parents and older brother we settled in Brooklyn, New York.  I grew up there from the time I was two years old.  We first lived in the Brownsville section.  After eight years living in Brooklyn my family moved to the Flatbush section.  I lived in Flatbush until the age of 19 when we moved to East Flatbush.  I moved away from New York City in 1991.  I have so many fond memories of living in Brooklyn.  

One of the things that I do miss about Brooklyn is the food.  OMG!  You can always find great places to eat and bakeries for the best baked goods.  This particular post features Duet Bakery Boutique in Brooklyn.  Duet continues to receive fantastic reviews from the media and customers.  If you live in New York City or planning to visit be sure to stop by Duet Bakery Boutique in Brooklyn and say hello to Chef Diana Rodov.   

Duet Bakery Boutique located at 6181 Strickland Ave., Brooklyn, New York.

Duet Bakery Boutiques has become one of the most sought after bakeries for wedding festivities and other special occasions.

 If the menu doesn't make your mouth then nothing will.

This menu is like having Paris in Brooklyn.

Here are photos of some of their specialty cakes


Duet Bakery also has a blog.  Click Here or click on the blog logo.

Duet Bakery Boutique on You Tube

If you gain weight from becoming addicted to Duet Bakery goods please remember not to blame Collar City Brownstone.......(smile)

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