Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1950's and 1960's Fashions

Besides the regency period, I also love the clothes of the mid 20th century.  The 1950's and 1960's were great years for women's (and men's) clothing.  I missed the benefits of the 1950's clothes, but I was just in time for the 1960's fashions.  Well...not the grown up ladies fashions, but little girls also had the most beautiful and feminine clothes to wear.  I remember well wearing crinolines sometimes under some of my dresses.  The 1970's were great years too but by the time I became an adult many of the women's styles that I loved were out of style.  

Here are some of the styles that I was too late for:

  This beautiful evening dress is simply elegant.

I did have a dress similar to this one when I was twelve years old.  It was light pink in color also but it had very short puffed sleeves.   It was very beautiful and I wore the heck out of it.

This is a seersucker shirt dress.

I was born in time to wear dresses like these when I grew up:

 I loved wearing halter tops and dresses.

Blue halter dress.

 I loved blouses like this and still do.


 I never get tired of wearing ponchos.


Gaucho pants

There were still a lot of pretty feminine clothes available for me to wear in my teens, twenties and up to mid thirties.  The clothes were nothing like that of the 1950's and sixties, but I still loved the clothes that where available to me when I made it adulthood..

Here is a photo of a crinoline.  I remember wearing one once or twice when I was a little girl.  

 This crinoline slip does not look as stiff as the one I experienced wearing.

I am able to find the kind of feminine clothing I love by shopping at the local Talbot's Outlet store.  I loved shopping at Talbot's Outlet.  

I am going to make an effort to find vintage clothing that are reasonably priced.




Jeanine (Wayfaring Girl) said...

I can't get enough of this fashion. I think it's the best style ever-those late 50's and 60's vintage patterns are phenomenal and so flattering. I love wearing dresses especially like that blue halter top dress above paired with a cute cardigan...delightful. And I'm so happy because I can wear them to work too.

phylly3 said...

I was very excited when ponchos came back in style! I love dresses, (especially the ones you have here -- LOVELY), but I don't suit them so I wear slacks mostly.
My mother was a very good seamstress and made us lots of clothes, so I enjoyed seeing those Simplicity patterns. :)

collarcitybrownstone said...

I love wearing dresses too. Over the last few days I found some very pretty full length summer dresses at

collarcitybrownstone said...

I used to work part time at BonTon department stores and purchased quite a few ponchos while working there.

I found myself wearing mostly slacks because finding dresses I really like has been a challenge over the years. I wish that I could find a store that sells nothing but vintage style clothes at reasonable prices.