Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oneika The Traveller

I have a huge love of traveling, but I have not done much traveling over the past few years.  I have been so busy restoring my Victorian home instead.  I can finally see an end to it this year.  Well, at least the interior restoration and then I can focus more on getting back to traveling.  There are so many places that I have not been to and that includes Europe.  I have never been to Europe.  I have been to Toronto, Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Cancun Mexico, New Orleans, and many states from New England to Florida.  Of course I have been back and forth to Panama since that is where I am originally from.  

For years I dreamed of moving to France.  At one time I started planning for it, but then took a detour when I decided that I wanted to purchase a home of my own.  In 1999 I purchased my first house.  It was a circa 1790 federal row house.  I loved that house and lived in it for 5 years.  Then I purchased the house that I live in now.  I only love old houses to live in. Restoring them can be fun as well as a headache. 

While living in my first house I read Under The Tuscan Sun and it re-ignited my dream of living abroad.  It also made me discover how much I love reading travel essays.  So while I have been busy owning historic homes I have been busy traveling through the eyes of others who are doing it.

Since starting my blog I discovered some delightful travel blogs.  My absolute favorite is Oneika The Traveller.  Oneika is a young woman of African descent who moved abroad from Canada.  London is now Oneika's home base and she travels the world from there.   Oneika found love abroad and often travels with her beloved "Liebling". 

The writing and pictures are extremely enjoyable on Oneika The Traveller.  Oneika is very inspiring.  She reminds me to always live my best life and seek happiness wherever I go.  I hope that you find your way over to Oneika's blog.  Oneika is delightful and I thank her for inspiring me and others so much.

         Oneika The Traveller


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rec, her blog looks great. I've only recently discovered your blog and sit here drooling over the pictures. It's lovely!

Jeanine (Wayfaring Girl) said...

I will check her out too! BTW, you should email me, I would love to put a thumbnail of your blog on mine. 250x100 :) Love your blog!