Sunday, April 29, 2012

Laura Ingalls Wilder

I did not read the Little House books when I was a little girl.  I never heard of them while I was in school.  I enjoyed the weekly TV series starring Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert though.  I watched the series every week up until Laura and Almanzo got married.  Somehow the TV series was not so interesting to me after that  Anyway, I finally read all of the Little House books in 2003 and I LOVED them.  I think I appreciated them more reading them as an adult than I ever would have as a young girl.  Reading about the American Frontier is so much better coming from someone who actually experienced it.

   To me these are not only children's books.  They are history books that everyone can enjoy immensely and learn from.  I am happy to know that Pa Ingalls told the truth to Laura about the Indians.  They where not savages and they were here first.  I also loved reading Laura's description of how America looked before development.  This land must have been so breathtaking in its wild and natural state. 


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