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Richard Armitage - My Latest Crush

The last thing that the internet needs is another blog about British actor Richard Armitage.  There are already way too many blogs focusing on this talented actor, so I will just have a page dedicated to Mr. Armitage instead of an entire blog.  I never heard of Richard Armitage until this past January when I streamed the BBC mini series North & South.  I was reluctant to watch it because the story seemed too dark and depressing  for me.   I am so glad I went ahead and watched it.  This movie had a profound effect on me.  One being that I became a huge fan of Mr. Armitage.  His portrayal of John Thornton is absolutely amazing.  Richard Armitage is also quite wonderful to look at .

Since watching North & South I went in search of other shows with Richard Armitage in it.  I watched seasons seven, eight and nine of Spooks (MI-5), Robin Hood and the Vicar of Dibley.  I did not care much for Robin Hood because of the violence in it.  I only watched it because Mr. Armitage is in it.  I don't think I can bring myself to watch Strike Back.  It looks way over the top violent.   Spooks was quite a clever show but it also contains way too much violence for my taste.  Richard Armitage did an outstanding job portraying Lucas North and then morphing into John Bateman.   Mr. Armitage's other works are not available in USA format, so I was only able to see clips of, Cold Feet,  Between The Sheets and Sparkhouse on You Tube.  I would love to see these three productions in their entirety.  I downloaded the show Moving On: Drowning not Waving onto my Kindle.  Richard Armitage plays the part of Richard Mulligan and does a great job of it.  Besides being a handsome man, Mr. Armitage really is very talented.  You can see that he pours himself into every role he plays and takes acting very seriously.  I just wish he would not choose so many violent productions.

This brilliant actor is now filming The Hobbit which is scheduled to be released in December of 2012.  Mr. Armitage plays the role of Thorin Oakenshield.  I just purchased the book and will read it some time within the next couple of months.  It will be very interesting watching the very tall Mr. Armitage in a movie about dwarfs.  

Here are some of my favorite photos of Richard Armitage.

At 6'2" Richard Armitage is quite tall.

    This is Richard Armitage in Strike Back

   Lucky actress gets to give Richard a thank  you kiss in Strike Back.


Mr. Armitage playing Craig Parker in Casualty

Mr Armitage at a BAFTA award show in 2009.

Mr. Armitage being playful on the red carpet.

Richard Armitage again and John Porter in Strike Back

Richard Armitage as Harry Jasper Kennedy in The Vicar of Dibley

Richard Armitage as Harry Kennedy

Richard Armitage as Harry Kennedy

Richard Armitage and Dawn French in The Vicar of Dibley.  I loved this episode.  It was very touching as well as hysterically funny.

The Vicar of Dibley - Richard Armitage and Dawn French

The Vicar of Dibley - Richard Armitage and Dawn French

 "The Kiss" that the world will never forget - Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe in BBC North & South.  I love these two actors together.  The chemistry is perfect and I would love to see them reprise their roles in a sequel.  It would also be nice to really have this book in an audio version with Mr. Armitage as the narrator.

John Thornton played by Richard Armitage

John Thornton is a broody character but very kind deep down and passionate

John Thornton fell deeply in love with Margaret Hale.  I should be so lucky...LOL

I would love to be looked at like that by Richard Armitage for real.  I would need to sit down after that and I would loose my appetite.

John Thornton watches Margaret Hale walk off with Mr. Bell

John Thornton smiling at Margaret at the dinner table.

I love this penetrating stare that John Thornton gives Margaret.

John Thornton remembering Margaret's arms around him and she tries to protect him.

 John Thornton tells his mother that even though he knows Margaret does not care for him he must propose to her because he loves her. 

John Thornton takes his wounded heart for long walk after Margaret rejects his marriage proposal.

Mr. Thornton's mother tries to console her son after he tells her that Margaret will not have him.  Hannah Thornton is wonderfully played by Sinead Cusack.

Richard Armitage looks fabulous wearing a cravat and top hat.  He was made 19th century clothes.

Margaret Hale and John Thornton.  Mr. Thornton stills visits her family even after she turns down his marriage proposal.  

Mr. Thornton still loves Margaret and covers up for her even though he does not know the whole story and thinks that she is in love with another man.

Margaret Hale comes to her senses and finally returns Mr. Thornton's love with  her own.

Thank God Margaret realizes Mr. Thornton's true nature and falls in love with him.

A beautiful happy ending that leaves you wanting more.

Richard Armitage as Lucas North in Spooks (MI-5).  

 Richard Armitage as Lucas North in Sppoks.  He sure reminds me of the broody John Thornton in is picture.

Lucas North waking up and looking at his watch.  I did not care for any of Richard Armitage's love interests in Sppoks.  None had the chemistry with Mr. Armitage like Dawn French and Daniela Denby-Ashe does.

Lucas North played by Richard Armitage

Lucas North morphs into John Bateman.  What a wacko.

I love Richard Armitage's scruffy look as John Standring in Sparkhouse.  

John Standring is a really nice guy but he really needed to clean his house...LOL  I did not feel any real chemistry between Mr. Armitage and this actress either.  Maybe I just only want to see him with Daniela or Dawn on screen. 

Here is the lovely actress who played Margaret Hale opposite Richard Armitage in North & South.  In the book by Elizabeth Gaskell, Margaret actually has black hair.   Daniela looks so pretty with her natural hair color.  I am glad that the BBC did not lighten Daniela's hair or make her blond for this role.  It would not have fit the character.  

 Here is another one of my favorite photos of Daniela Denby-Ashe.  

Richard Armitage's new look.  He grew a beard for the movie The Hobbit.  I like him with the beard but I hope that he shaves it off when filming is done.  I think he is much more attractive without it.  Mr. Armitage dos look quite distinguished with the beard though.  He also looks more mature.


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