Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Holidays

Christmas and Thanksgiving are my favorite holidays of every year.  Christmas is my favorite of the two.  The celebration of the birth of Jesus symbolizes for me the birth of the Christ within all people.  There is always something extra magical about Christmas.  I love seeing all the Christmas lights outside and indoors.  My favorite Christmas trees are the real ones but I have been putting up a fake white one over the past 3 years.  I miss having a real one so I think next year I will get a real one instead of putting up the fake white tree.  I love the smell of fresh Christmas trees too.  Bringing in a bit of nature indoors adds such a warm touch to your home. 


Part of the fun of a real tree is going out to pick it out.  One year I tried chopping one down from a tree farm I went to.  It was too hard to do and I had to ask someone to help me.  I will leave the chopping down to the experts.  Of course it is always best to buy a tree that was not chopped down months before. 

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