Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why I Love Full Body Photos of Richard Armitage

Actor Richard Armitage

This post marks my first one for the Richard Armitage FanstRAvaganza.  This is my first time ever participating in this week long event.  I am a little nervous but also excited about it.  As part of this FanstRAvaganza I feel as if I am being officially christened into the Richard Armitage Fandom.In love   I am happy to spend this week Richarding with other fellow admirers.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If I am lucky, Richard Armitage himself will find this post and discover ME...hee hee haa haa!

Now on to our specially scheduled program.  This post focuses on one of Richard Armitage’s physical attributes that I am drawn to.  I love tall men; what woman doesn’t?  For me, Richard’s height is a big part of his attractiveness.  As a result, I love it when I come across  full body photographs of him.  The first photo shows Richard walking towards the camera dressed in a suit, but without a tie.  I ADORE this photo.  Even though Richard has a long torso, most of his height is clearly in his legs.  In the photo Richard is also very clean shaven which is how I prefer most to see him.  I do like a little bit of a five o’clock shadow sometimes, but I am more of a clean shaven man kind of gal.  I love the confidence that Richard is exuding as well as he walks and looks forward.


The second photo also showcases Richard’s height very well.  He is looking very sexy too, but I still love him in the suit of the first picture more.  I simply love a well dressed man such as Cary Grant was all the time.

The third photo isn’t all that sharp unfortunately.  You will recognize this as a screen cap from Spooks/MI5.  Richard is walking towards Sarah Caulfield and her boss.  Richard’s height sticks out way over everything else.


Here are some more great full body pictures of Richard as the very tall Lucas North.  

Two photos of Lucas North




The above photo is Richard during his Lucas North acting days.  Tall men have a tendency to walk with such command and surety of step.  


Even though Richard is seated in the above and below pictures you can still see that he is a tall man. 


David Mitchell Richard Armitage BAFTA Television f8B3myWKP1pl

Richard’s beautiful height soars above the rest of them in these next few photos.


RA arrives in NZ



Here you can see Richard doing one the things he does best which is posing for the cameras.  Of course you can’t see Richard’s face, but his body seems quite relaxed and comfortable.  I personally do not believe that Richard dislikes posing for the cameras as much as others seem to think he does, but that is just me.  I think that Richard is a ham in front of the cameras.


Now we have here some full body photos of bearded Richard Armitage.  I love his beard, but I am so glad he is clean shaven now; at least for the moment.  I know that Richard has to return to New Zealand to complete The Hobbit. 


I think Richard is looking very sharp and tall here.



What was the photographer thinking trying to stuff a 6’2” man in a chair like this?  You can see how really long Richard’s legs are which does not exactly work well for this shot.  Look at those big feet.  You know what they say about men who have big feet.

Now this is more like it.  You can really get a sense of Richard's height in this picture.


The above photo is from Richard’s earlier acting days. 

I wish the bottom half of Richard's legs were not chopped off in this photo. 


And finally, we have Richard in full body view at the New York City premiere of The Hobbit in December.  I have mixed feelings about this suit, but Richard’s height wears it well.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed these gorgeous full body views of Richard.  Here is one more for the road.




Jeanine (Wayfaring Girl) said...

LOL this is a FAN-tastic tribute to Mr Handsome Richard Armitage if I ever did see one! That pic of him laughin (sitting down) in a suit is my fav. Loveeee :)

Vec170203 said...

Hi Xenia, first, congrats for participate on FanstRAvaganza!
& really nice post, always is wonderful have an excuse to drool over pictures of him.... he's really tall, doesn't he?


Anonymous said...

Nice collection of pictures, Xenia. It is nice to see his full length in a picture - I always think he looks better and more confident in them when there aren't other people around. In group shots, he makes himself small, subconsciously, hunching down in order to not stand out too much. Very nice, that, but doesn't look good. Hence I am more of a fan of head-and-shoulders or headshots of Armitage. But hey, I take any picture that comes along...

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Yay for a new FanstRAvaganza participant! :)

I LOVED looking at the long-legged pics. Work that tallness, Richard!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your first FanstRA post :) You really pulled out the big guns (that's what I like to call Richards thighs BTW!).

Traxy said...

Welcome aboard the FanstRA train! :D

OH. MY. GOODNESS. You have some seriously lush photos in this post. If we had to pick only one, I really couldn't because they're all so YUMMY! <3

Anonymous said...

He is SO tall!

Happy FanstRAvaganza!

Anonymous said...

There really is something lovely about seeing him from head to toe. His height, his proportions, etc...all just work together to make him so very appealing.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Richard Armitage is such a lovely "tall drink of water". Ha!

zRYSIOwana said...

Oh, he is so wonderfully tall!
BTW, what they say about men who have big feet in my country they say about men who have a big nose;)

Collar City Brownstone said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments!!! zRYSIOwana, you have me laughing over here because Richard Armitage also has a big nose...LOL

Fabolaktuko said...

I also just love those full body pic of RA. He is tall and lean and a living work of art.

I have a special place in my heart for Lucas and I love all the shots you have, you can tell he's much taller than anyone else in the cast.

Wonderful post for FanstRA - I love it.

Kara said...

It's always fun to look at pics of RA! Lovely, lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing! :)

Phyllys Faves said...

Great collection of pictures here Xenia! I do love watching him move - he is so graceful - like the dancer he is!
But I have to admit to cropping out his legs sometimes -as I love to focus on his face and his eyes in particular!
Welcome to FanstRA! It is wonderful to have you participate! :)

Collar City Brownstone said...

Phyllys, I LOVE looking at Richard's face too girlie girl. :-)
TRUST me on that point!!!