Monday, March 4, 2013

Tyler Perry's Good Deeds

I woke up so early this morning and decided to stream Good Deeds on Netflix.  I am a huge fan of Tyler Perry.  I admire how Tyler found a way to pull himself up from a very difficult childhood.  Tyler Perry now owns his very own movie and television studios in Atlanta, Georgia.  He is truly an inspiration to many people.  Tyler is best know for playing the role of Madea.  The name Madea is a play on the words Ma dear.  Madea is a no nonsense character that brought Tyler his claim to fame on the chitlin circuit.  Tyler Perry was my male crush until Richard Armitage came along.  

Tyler Perry directed, produced, wrote and stars in Good Deeds.  The movie also stars Phylicia Rashad as Wilimena, Thandie Newton as Lindsey Wakefield, Gabrielle Union as Natalie, Brian White as Walter Deeds and Jordenn Thompson as Ariel.  Tyler plays the part of Wesley Deeds.  The movie was released on February 24, 2012.  Good Deeds cost $14,000.000 to make and grossed $35,025,791. at the box office. 
Tyler Perry

Good Deeds was a welcomed change from the type of movies that Tyler Perry usually makes.  The storyline was a good one and it held my attention from start to finish.

Wesley Deeds is a wealthy man who is CEO of a company started by his father.  All of Wesley's life he has been doing what is expected of him and putting aside his own desires and dreams.  Wesley's brother Walter, is smart but he is also irresponsible and drinks too much.  Walter's drivers license was suspended for DUI, so Walter has to pick him up every morning and take in into the office.  Walter actually has a huge chip on his shoulder.  His father promised to leave the company to Walter, but because of his irresponsible behavior Wesley was made CEO of Deeds Corporation instead.  Their mother Wilimena seems to favor Wesley over Walter.  

    Phylicia Rashad as Wilimena
Wilhimena has a few issues of her own.  She is very much into the black bourgeois lifestyle.  She wants her sons to marry into "good" families and associate with the "right" people.  For years Wilimena has been pushing Wesley to marry a woman named Natalie because it would be a "perfect" union. 

   Natalie's mother Brenda, Wilimena and Natalie

Natalie is a successful real estate agent and she lives with Wesley.  Their entire relationship is so predictable because Wesley is very into routine.  Natalie accepts it because she is also doing what is expected of her.  Natalie seems like a lovely person, but is not really "the one" for Wesley.  Natalie and Wesley both love one another, but they have different life desires.  For instance, Wesley would one day love to have children and Natalie does not ever want to have children.  Natalie is gorgeous though and is impeccable in her manners and style.    



Lindsey lives in another part of town in another world apart from Wesley and Natalie's.  Lindsey is a single mom trying to make ends meet.  After falling behind in her rent Lindsey and her daughter Ariel are evicted from their apartment.  Lindsey meets Wesley and Walter in a very bad way.  Lindsey parked in Wesley's parking spot ion the building where Wesley works.  Lindsey also works in the building as a janitor and has no idea that Wesley is CEO of his own company.  Lindsey gets off to a very bad start with both Wesley and Walter.  Walter is a bit of a jerk himself which makes things worse.  I could not really understand why Lindsey was so rude to them in the beginning.  She was parked in someone else's spot so why was she giving them such major attitude in the first place?  I know that life was really kicking her butt, however, she seemed really over the top rude for no reason to people who had not done anything to her.    It took me a while to like her.  

Lindsey starts working the third shift as a janitor in the office building.  Wesley works late every night, so he and Lindsey begin to get to know one another better.


Lindsey is proud, and tries to hide from Wesley the fact that she and her daughter are homeless.  Wesley knows better though and one day after witnessing Child Welfare Services taking Ariel away from her, he pleads with Lindsey to let him help her.  Wesley takes Lindsey to a luxury apartment owned by Deeds Corporation and tells her that she can stay there for as long as she needs to free of charge.  Lindsey is very moved by such an act of kindness and generosity.

As their friendship develops, Lindsey encourages Wesley to relax and embrace life the way he would like to.  Lindsey's encouragement rubs off and Wesley dresses down one day for the office which shocks Natalie.  


Wesley and Lindsey go out to lunch together and end up spending the afternoon leisurely riding a motorcycle and enjoying each others company immensely.  Wesley and Lindsey end up kissing.  Wesley, being the proper gentleman, tells Lindsey that he is engaged to be married.    

Things begin to really unravel in the Deeds family during an office celebration.  Walter and Wesley get into a big fight and Wilimena snubs Lindsey.  


Wesley and Natalie finally face the fact that they are not suited to marry each other.  Wesley needs to find what really makes him happy and Natalie has a different dream.  I love how these two talked it all through without shouting and ending on a bitter note.  Both acknowledged that they love each other, but marriage not in the cards.  If only all couples breaking up could do it this amicably.

Wesley decides to resign as CEO of Deeds Corporation and travel the world.  I won't tell you how the movie ends and what became of Lindsey and Ariel.  You will have to watch the movie yourself.  I will say that it was a lovely ending.  Tyler Perry's movies always has a happy ending.  Tyler's movies also always has important messages in them, such as how important forgiveness is.  How important it is to be a decent human being and that integrity goes a long way.   

I have to say that as I was watching this movie that I still find Tyler Perry attractive.  To me he is handsome in an unconventional way.  He is a big man which can be intimidating.  Tyler is 6'4" tall and has a large bone structure, but I love it on Tyler.  I would love to meet Tyler Perry one day.  In case you are wondering Tyler is 43 as odf this blog post and single.  Like Richard Armitage Tyler has not married yet either.  However, if I am not mistaken Tyler is still dating an Ethiopian model named Gelila Bekele.  If they are still dating they have been doing so for about 4 years now.  


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