Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Richard Behind The Scenes of The Hobbit

I wasn't planning on posting anything about Richard Armitage this week after last week's FanstRAvaganza event, but after eyeballing these lovely pictures of our handsome stranger I HAD to change my plans.  These photos and more can be found on Heirs of Durin.  Thank you very much Heirs of Durin for providing these beautiful and treasured screen caps.  

These are all on a 30 minute special only when you purchase The Hobbit on blu-ray via Best Buy.  NO, I won't be purchasing it.  Did I just hear a gasp from the audience?  I said previously that I generally did not like The Hobbit movie so why would I buy it?  These beautiful behind the scene photos are enough for me.  Oh, you think I need my head examined don't you? 

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