Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lovin Bloglovin

Many of you probably already know about the Bloglovin website, but just in case you don't I will tell you about it.  I learned about this website that allows you to keep up with blog posts all in one place.  I kept seeing it on other blogs, so I checked it out for myself.  It really is a neat tool for bloggers and blog readers.  I use it to keep up with posts from blogs I like to visit on a regular basis.  It is much better than receiving separate emails for each blog you subscribe to; especially if the blogger often writes more than one blog post each day (like me).  I do tend to write multiple posts in a 24 hour period.  

All you have to do is create an account and then add the URL of the blogs whose posts you want to follow regularly.  You can then either log into your bloglovin account each day or have updates sent to your email address in one feed or every time a blog you follow updates.  I have my settings to one email per day and it goes  into my mailbox at around 2:30am every morning.  If a blog that you love to follow is not listed on bloglovin you can add the blog URL to the bloglovin list yourself.  If you do not already have a bloglovin account you can easily create one HERE.   After all this time I still have a couple of blogs I need to add to my bloglovin list instead of receiving feeds in separate emails. 

If you are a blogger it is a great thing to add onto your blog.  Bloglovin has three different widget styles that you can add to your blog and you can see images of them below.  Many bloggers made their own widget design as well.  I actually just added a pink button on my sidebar where it says Let's keep in touch.  It is the first button on the left of them.

       Bloglovin widget styles

Happy blogging and blog reading!


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